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Angeliki Kalliontzi

Angelic Kalliontzi

Dr. Angeliki Kalliontzi, Medical Microbiologist and Homeopath (MFHom, RSHom).

My mission is to combine homeopathy with my years of experience as a medical professional to help my patients improve their health and quality of life.

Having spent over 30 years as a medical doctor – a specialist in microbiology – and having dealt with thousands of patients, Angeliki came to the conclusion later in life that Homeopathy can be used alone or in combination with conventional medicine to treat a great number of acute and chronic diseases with excellent results.

Homeopathy is generally very safe and has been proven to be non-addictive with no dangerous side effects. Homeopathy is safe to use in babies, children and the elderly when treatments are made under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. Homeopathy recognises each person as unique and treatments are given according to individuals needs. 

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation lasts up to 1:30′. In order to find the right homeopathic remedy for you, I need to get an understanding of you as a whole. Before our first consultation, I will e-mail you a questionnaire to answer and you have to complete it and send it back to me. You will asked questions about your particular complains and how you experience them. I will need information about your past medical history, your family history, medication, etc. We will look together for situations or events that might have contributed to your organism being out of balance. This might include either life events or physical exposure to anything your body might have reacted to. We usually discuss lifestyle, diet and general medical issues along with any changes that might be beneficial to you. Anything you say will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Follow up Consultations
In the follow-up consultation we will discuss the results of the treatment provided following the initial consultation. We will evaluate the benefits, we will assess the changes and we will decide if further treatment is needed.

QEST4 Energetic Assessment 

QEST4, bioenergetic technology provides a totally non-invasive way to get information about your physiology, psychology and the interactions between them. The information we can gather from running scans on these systems include:

1. Imbalances and weakness in organ systems: The screening will identify which of the major meridians of your body are currently in stressed or weakened states. In natural health practice, I believe that organs are linked energetically to other physical, mental and emotional factors so I aim to get to the root cause of the imbalance.

2. Nutrition needs and food preferences: Nutritional screening gives me indications to help assess your individual nutrient needs. Those may relate to dietary preferences, sensitivities or vitamin and mineral requirements. Nutritional therapy including smart eating plans and appropriate supplementation is a very helpful base for all clients.

3. Environmental and allergen sensitivity: This type of sensitivity is often a symptom of immune system dysfunction, which must be addressed to ensure that it does not lead to longer-term problems. Specific reactions can sometimes be ‘de-sensitised’ using a homeopathic approach, in conjunction with a broader health improvement program.

4. Toxin sensitivity: The presence of toxins influence health strongly, and energetic testing can help give indications to help me identify those that may be affecting your health. I pay particular attention to how well your liver is functioning, since it is major detoxification organ. Ensuring that your body regulates toxins effectively is an essential part of any treatment program.

5. Mental and Emotional Factors: The power of the testing technology allows me to explore responses and reactions to different mental and emotional factors. A variety of test-libraries including Bach-flower essences and conceptually-based items such a key relationships or affirmations can help find particular triggers in the sub-conscious that may be relevant for your well-being.



10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF
+44 (0) 207 289 5656



90 minutes £160 (first visit includes assessment)

Follow up £90

Qest4 Test £90 (annual subscription: £180 three test during one year) – Preventive Tool

“Dr Angeliki Kalliontzi has been my homeopath for over 3 years now and has helped me to bring under control my eczema and hay fever, both of which I have suffered from since childhood. Being a fully-qualified doctor and pathologist, Angeliki gives me total confidence and I am so grateful for the care she gives me. Thanks to her I have stopped using any cortisone-based creams and no longer need to take anti-histamine tablets. I believe that the treatment she has given me has also greatly helped with the menopause, as my symptoms are incredibly mild compared to what I was expecting.” Elizabeth

“Dr Angeliki Kalliontzi  has been my Homeopathic doctor for two years treating my chronic rhinitis and recently initial symptoms of menopause. I have seen great improvements with both conditions and in the case of rhinitis elimination of symptoms having suffered for years. Angeliki ‘s approach is multifaceted  and holistic. She often invites other specialists such nutritionists and psychologists to assist her treatment methods. I highly recommend Angeliki not only to treat a condition but also to prevent diseases and conditions from occurring in the first place.” Dr Stavroula Tsirmpa 

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