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Facts and tips

by Victoria Jain Hamilton There is no getting away from it, COVID-19 is very real, and it seems that it might be here for a while. If you are like me, you are probably beginning to feel overwhelmed with all the facts and data. Here I will share some of the things that we do know about this coronavirus and provide some simple recommendations to take preventative measures against being …Read More

The Immune System In Relation  to  Novel Coronavirus

2019 Novel Coronavirus ( 2019 – nCoV) by Dr Angeliki Kalliontzi, Medical Microbiologist and Homeopath As the Coronavirus outbreak continues, sharing advice on ways to treat or prevent the disease is essential. Although the virus is particularly virulent at this moment, only a very small fraction of those exposed have died. A small fraction becomes quite ill and the rest become ill in a usual Flu manner. In understanding a patient’s reaction to …Read More

Stress in dentistry:
How can
we manage it?

by Hina Patel, Nutritional Therapist I have spent over 25 years working as a dentist, as a GDP, and in the Community and Special Care Dental Services. Over the years I have seen too many cases of team members who started off fit and well, who then developed skin conditions, allergies, digestive problems, lowered immunity, and become withdrawn and irritable. What I now know is that these were signs of …Read More

The Importance of Loss, Mourning and The Unknown

by Samantha Morris You may have been through a really tough time, and mourning a loss of something, someone or a part of yourself or your life can be extremely painful. Words may not even be able to convey the emotions that you experience and it may seem as though you’re on an emotional daily rollercoaster, which feels never-ending. Of course everyone mourns and grieves a part of their life …Read More

Psychological well-being and the 6 pathways we take to gain and sustain it!

By Brigida Walkin We all in some way strive for well-being in our lives—from the food we eat, to the gyms we frequent, the hobbies we take on, and even the content we chose to watch. Among the various areas of well-being in our lives, psychological well-being is arguably the most important. This is simply because what the mind thinks and believes, the body and personal choices follow. So what …Read More

The Dark Addiction of Social Media and The Search For Love

By Samantha Morris Have you ever seen Black Mirror and the episode ‘Nosedive’? If not, it really is a brilliant satire on the realistic, dark and dangerous and hypnotic impact social media has on our lives. Just like the characters in the satire, there is a very real danger that we are becoming so focused on simply creating and sharing the most impressive social profiles in order to build or …Read More

Living With More Flow and Possibilities

by Samantha Morris Integrative Art Psychotherapist What story have you grown up with? What story are you now living? Whatever your life experiences, your response is likely to have been shaped by the context in which you grew up. We all learn to physically and emotionally survive by learning to feel, to think and to behave in certain ways. Most likely you will have picked this up from parents, ancestral …Read More

Clinical Hypnotherapy, Preparing for Surgery with Hypnosis

Surgery is very often accompanied by feelings of stress and anxiety. Fear of the surgery itself, fear of needles, injections or general anaesthetic not to mention anxiety regarding the outcome after surgery, the potential psychological distress caused during recovery and indeed the ability to make full recovery. It’s been known for over a quarter of a century, that stress has a negative effect on the immune system and the body’s …Read More

Put your Headphones on and Connect to the Beat

by Samantha Morris, Integrative Art Psychotherapist and certified Life Coach We all have times in our lives when we feel we cannot find the words because we are too upset, angry or traumatised. Or, sometimes, words can feel or be too limiting and don’t live up to what we are feeling. Sometimes we may feel that words cannot contain either our darkest hours, or perhaps our vibrant joy. In this sense, a lot of people …Read More

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