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The three methamophosis of the spirit: Camel, by Friedrich Nietzsche

Many heavy things are there for the spirit, the strong load-bearing spirit in which reverence dwells: for the heavy and the heaviest longest its strength. What is heavy? so asked the load-bearing spirit; then knelled it down like the camel, and wanted to be well laden. What is the heaviest thing, ye heroes? asked the load- bearing spirit, that I may take it upon me and rejoice in my strength. …Read More

The three methamophosis of the spirit: The Lion by Friedrich Nietzsche

t in the loneliest wilderness happen the second metamorphosis: here the spirit become a lion; freedom will it capture, and lord-ship in its own wilderness. Its last Lord it here seeketh: hostile will it be to him, and to its last God; for victory will it struggle with the great dragon. What is the great dragon which the spirit is no longer inclined to call Lord and God? “Thou-shalt,” is …Read More

By Friedrich Nietzsche

I teach you the superman. Man is something that is to be surpassed. What have ye done to surpass man? All beings hitherto have created something beyond themselves: and ye want to be the ebb of that great tide, and would rather go back to the beast than surpass man? What is the ape to man? A laughing-stock, a thing of shame. And just the same shall man be to …Read More

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