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Couple communication skills workshop

Couple counsellingA very special experience for you and your partner. Whether your relationship is in need of a safe place to work some things out or you are joyfully experiencing the crest of a wave, this workshop will enlighten your mind and warm your heart.

Drawing from Marital Mediation, Social Meditation, Encounter Technique and Existential Psychotherapy this is both a romantic date and an opportunity to find a peaceful refuge to regenerate and recharge the intimate batteries.

In a relationships there are no rights or wrongs but two separate perspectives co-existing and co-creating one another all the time. Each party’s role is constantly being moulded by the assumptions and beliefs of the other. Social, cultural, biological and spiritual influences present the two people in love with even more perspectives to juggle.

Particular dynamics of relation in a couple are manifesting hidden narratives, which in turn contribute to shaping the interpersonal experience. 

“A couple is a fragile and profoundly meaningful organism as complex and paradoxical as the most mysterious riddle.”

Corina Piatti will accompany with gentle life music and guiding each exercise with moving lyrics. The three main structures of the workshop are: meditative exercises with your partner, sharing in two circles of men and women and learning alltogether about effective communication skills.




2017 Winter Term dates:
14th of January, 11th of February and 11th of March.
Time: Saturdays from 10am – 1pm.

Fees per couple:
£240 each workshop or £600 for the three workshops.

Maximum 5 couples

Reserve your place by email: info@therapyharleystreet.co.uk


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