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Manu BazzanoSupervision is not ‘management’ but open exploration. It is a soulful endeavour. At the heart of group supervision is the crucial notion of affect, the modification or variation produced in a body/mind by the interaction with other bodies/minds. Affects carry important information, and it is through being affected, that therapists and supervisors can begin to unfasten the artificial separateness of client-therapist-supervisor. That’s when the client’s experience may be more genuinely accessed. Through experiential processing of clinical material and discussion, we will explore some innovative ideas from affect theory and beyond that may enliven and enrich participants’ practice. For an introduction, please refer to this free article published in Threshold, a BACP magazine: click here. My way of working is suitable for therapists of all orientations” Dr Manu Bazzano

Dr Manu Bazzano is an author, psychotherapist/supervisor in private practice and an internationally recognised lecturer and facilitator. His background is philosophy and rock music. He studied Eastern contemplative practices since 1980 and in 2004 was ordained in the Soto and Rinzai tradition of Zen Buddhism. Among his books: Re-Visioning Existential Therapy (Routledge,2020) Nietzsche and Psychotherapy (Routledge, 2019). His latest book is Subversion and Desire: Pathways to Transindividuation due for publication in November 2022.. www.manubazzano.com

All dates:  Saturdays 21 January, 18 February, 18 March, 13 May, 17 June, 15 July, 16 September, 21 October, 18 November, and 9 December 2023

Fee: £1260 the whole year (£140 per session) BOOK HERE >

Time: Saturdays from 2 pm to 5 pm (UK time)

Venue: Online – Zoom

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