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THS magazine:
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THS magazine:
first edition

Advanced Supervision Group with Prof. Ernesto Spinelli

"Scorpio's Children" by Ernesto Spinelli

Scorpio's Children Taking its inspiration from the classic hard-boiled crime tradition, Scorpio’s Children is the first novel in the Mark Desmond series.

It’s 1980. Investigator Mark Desmond is hired to snatch the daughter of Jefferson City’s wealthiest citizen away from the control of a sinister cult calling itself Scorpio’s Children. Duplicity and death stalk Desmond’s enquiries while every step he takes pushes him toward a collision between a past he’s done his best to erase and a present that’s empty of dreams.


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BPS award for distinguished contribution

“An internationally-recognised leader in existential therapy and coaching psychology, Professor Ernesto Spinelli developed and taught the first psychology undergraduate and PhD programmes to focus on counselling and psychotherapy research. He has contributed to a growing interest in, and professional appreciation of, existential therapeutic techniques.

Professor Spinelli publications and textbooks are standard reading for many psychotherapy and coaching training programmes around the world. His latest book, Practising Existential Therapy: The Relational World, 2nd edition (2015), was identified as the most influential contemporary text on existential therapeutic practice.” BPS


Women's Group participants

The woman and the river

The river dried off, right under my feet. The last brook of water steamed away between my toes. I had managed to retrieve a full bucket with a straw, careful not to let it touch my lips.

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