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Emily Cavendish

Emily Cavendish

Emily Cavendish, Psychotherapist, MSc, BACP Accredited, UKCP Registered

Emily is an Integrative Psychotherapist with over 15 years of clinical experience. She holds an MSc from Metanoia Institute and is a registered member of the UKCP and a registered and accredited member of BACP. She holds additional qualifications in the related fields of addiction counselling, psychotherapy, traumatology and forensic psychotherapy. She currently divides her time between private practice and her work for the Helen Bamber Foundation, a charity which supports survivors of torture and other human rights violations.

At the heart of Emily’s model and of her choice of an integrative training, is a belief in the importance of honouring the unique needs of each client and of being able to draw on different modalities and approaches in her response to these needs. Underpinning her model are the principles of developmental, existential and relational theories, alongside her innate capacity to respond intuitively, compassionately and authentically to her clients.

Emily is relational in her approach and believes that our capacity for meaningful, authentic and reciprocal bonds with other human beings is central to our sense of well-being and resilience. She prioritises the significance of the quality of the relationship between therapist and client and strives to promote a warm and collaborative alliance in their work alongside each other to explore the client’s subjective reality. Emily believes that many people seek therapy in the hope of changing compelling but destructive patterns, and aims to provide an environment in which these sequences of feelings, thoughts and behaviour can be explored and understood in their unique context, and through which, change can be facilitated with compassion and acceptance rather than criticism.

Over the course of her career and in addition to her private practice, Emily has extensive experience of working in a diverse range of professional fields that include addiction, prison and probation services, women’s refuge, trauma and refugee services. Prior to her career as a psychotherapist, she worked in the fields of politics and journalism.


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