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Esalen Massage


This is a deep massage which aims to guide the recipient into a profound relaxation where the benefits are boosted considerably. It targets the muscles and the circulatory system with long, gentle but deep unpredictable strokes and mild stretching. It stimulates lymph and blood vessels to excrete body toxins and stretch connective tissue.

Esalen Massage

What makes Esalen massage unique?

The quality of touch. This kind of touch has been named of different ways in the world, for instances ‘The conscious touch’, ‘The open heart’, ‘Le touché du Coeur’, etc. When meeting a tight place, an area of held tension, instead of working the tissue and forcing it to let go—and perhaps creating more stress—the Esalen massage practitioner explores or plays with, the tissue, coaxing it to soften, let go and eventually relax. This non-invasive touch allows practitioners to vary the pressure from light to deep and back again, depending on the area of the body being touched and the quality of the tissue under their hands. An attitude of exploration, instead of a programmed technique, prevails throughout the entire massage session. Frequently, the practitioner returns to the slow, flowing, long stroke, integrating deeper contact, encouraging the client to feel wholly connected and allowing the body systems to move into balance.
It is a type of bodywork based on sensory-motor education rather than being a treatment or procedure in itself. It doesn’t aim to tackle a widespread problem but to carefully create a flow of sensory information towards the client’s mind awaking inner resources for healing.
Furthermore, it increases body awareness and induces a meditative state, clearing your mind, and making you connect with your inner essence regaining a sense of joy, harmony, reverence, and balance.

It is a bodywork technique based on Gestalt psychology. It was developed in the 60s at the Esalen Institute, a centre dedicated to the study of human potential in Big Sur, California.

Marimar Escribano
Certified Esalen® massage & bodywork practitioner.
Registered with Esalen Massage & Bodywork Association (EMBA, US) and Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI, UK).


Marimar Escribano

Marimar Escribano Esalen Massage therapist
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