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EXISTENTIAL PRACTICE: THE RELATIONAL WORLD with Prof. Ernesto Spinelli and Barbara Godoy

October 17, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

One-Year Course

Ernesto Spinelli

Prof Ernesto Spinelli

Barbara godoy

Bárbara Godoy






This certified one year course* provides participants with the opportunity to examine the book Practising Existential Psychotherapy: The Relational World in detail both with its author, Professor Ernesto Spinelli, and via a sequence of discursive, experientially-focused workshops facilitated by Bárbara Godoy.

Practising Existential Psychotherapy: The Relational World was identified as the most influential contemporary text on existential therapeutic practice (according to an independent published survey of over 1,000 existential therapists worldwide).

“This book is about much more than how to practice existential therapy; it’s about how to be an existentialist.” Dr Greg Madison

This experiential study group is for practitioners who want to “walk the walk” of existential enquiry by immersing themselves mind, body and soul in a relational world.

Programme 2019/2020

Autumn Term 2019
Co-creating the Therapy-world
17, 24 and 31 October
(7 reading week), 14, 21 and 28 November

Winter Term 2020
Co-habiting the Group Therapy-world
23 and 30 January
6, (13 reading week), 20 and 27 February
5 March

Spring Term 2020
Closing Down the Therapy-world
14, 21 and 28 May
(4 reading week), 11, 18 and 25 June

* The final certificate requires all three terms completed BUT each term can be taken individually and CPD hours can be claimed.

£1200 for the certified course (all three terms)

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