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Date and Time: Sunday 18 July at 1.30pm to 3pm

If you are feeling overwhelmed about the divorce process, I will help you to reconnect with yourself and plan your future, so that you can LET GO and move forward with confidence.

Whether you have been through a divorce, are thinking about a divorce, or are about to go through a breakup, it will take time for you to heal and to navigate the bumps along this emotional path. To find out more or to book your place, contact us today and start your healing process as we take you on the path to your future.


I will teach you how to LET GO and overcome the fears you have about getting a divorce or separating.

We will create a divorce mind map, so that you can move forward with your personal growth with a more mindful approach of your wellbeing and personal goals.

You will learn how to value your own health, both physically and mentally with support such as nutrition and exercise planning.

Fees: £80 (FREE access to the online masterclass for the 24 July. To help you overcome the fear and anxiety surrounding a relationship breakdown, so that you can move forward to the next chapter of your life.)

Your life does not stop following a marriage breakdown or separation, it is simply a new direction, a new way forward and a new beginning for you to embrace. It is natural to be fearful or anxious about a divorce, after all you are moving forward into the unknown. However, you will be able to heal your emotions, find your inner self and learn to love yourself with the support of our professional wellbeing coaches and legal experts.

Schnel Hanson – Founder of ‘Developing The Inner You’ . Schnel’s passion is helping people discover who they really are. Through a variety of masterclasses, online courses, group support sessions and personal coaching, Schnel will guide you through all areas of your life, so that you can become the best version of yourself.

By using the ‘Wheel of Wellbeing’ tool, Schnel is able to help individuals control their wellbeing and mental health in manageable doses, aiming to remove overwhelming feelings and emotions, by aiding motivation and encouraging individuals to progress. By specialising in relationships and overcoming past traumas, Schnel can help individuals to overcome the fears and anxieties which are preventing them from, moving forward with their lives. From fear of divorce to letting go of career setbacks, Schnels focus is always on helping women to achieve their dreams and LET GO.


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