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Group Therapy

Group TherapyGroup work is about experiencing a ‘one for all and all for one’ approach to address individual aspirations and problems.

A group is both a refuge and an adventure. By providing every participant with as many perspectives as people in the room the group is a fantastic source of inspiration, feedback and guidance. The group is always changing, at each moment crystallising diagrams like a kaleidoscope. Working therapeutically in a group means to participate with the opening of every individual sprout until a forest is finally grown. And what a great joy a beautiful forest can be!

Goals of Group Therapy:

leafBe nurtured by many perspectives

leafStop the isolating belief that “I am the only one who feels this way”

leafProcess difficult emotions safely

leafIdentify old negative patterns and develop new alternatives for being oneself

leafReview defence mechanisms that have become problematic

leafCreate healthier relationships

leafLearn how to be more honest

leafRehearse new dynamics of interaction with others

“Bárbara is an unconditional team player who can guide you through a self-discovery journey that empowers and clarifies at every level. Words are not enough to thank her for such an ethical and soulful work” – Fernando D., Architect, Argentina

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” Soren Kierkegaard

Group Therapy Harley Street



Four Seassons

(Women’s Open Group)

An exploration of our assumptions about the meaning of being women through awareness intensive practices inspired by Goddesses from around the world with the purpose of speaking ourselves creatively.

Tuesdays 6pm to 7:15pm


The Swans

(Women Intermediate Level)

A one-year journey that follows the soul’s call for adventure by interrupting the distractions and excuses that keep us isolated from ourselves and our tribe. Based on Joseph Campbell’s work

Tuesdays 12noon to 1:30pm


The Existential Adventure

(For Men and Women)

A one-year process of systemic existential enquiry, committed creative production and spiritual expansion in a group of explorers. Programme based on a phenomenological adaptation of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey

Mondays 12noon to 1:30pm

Unlocking Ourselves

(CPD for Practitioners)

Experiential self-care journey for Practitioners. A safe place to feel held!
Methodologies: Breathing, relaxation, bio-energetics, authentic movement, emotional release, feedback and sharing.
Every week a different focus

Thursdays 12noon to 1pm

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 Forest Retreat

with Bárbara Godoy and team

Finding nourishment, support, trust, relaxation and the vitality to create ourselves anew. Detox (and delicious!) diet, yoga, music, dancing by the fire, hot tub under the stars and the most wonderful walks into the magical wilderness of Ashdown Forest, East Sussex.

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