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Gut Therapy

he Maher Protocol is a Nutritional and Probiotic Plan designed to treat the gut, promote DNA repair and to significantly enhance quality of human life with a desire for all individuals to be free of the symptoms of disease.

In order to do this, Russell Maher works in collaboration with his clients to create optimum results and offers close support during his client’s recovery process. By working closely monitoring all aspects of his clients from the physical, emotional, behavioural, psychological through to the neurological, Russell’s MAHER Protocol evidences the progression of his client’s recovery through daily check-ins of bowel habit, weekly Skype consultations and monthly progress updates.

The MAHER Protocol

The fundamental principle of the MAHER Protocol is to relieve suffering on a global scale and to relieve the symptoms of human disease by treating the root cause of ill health, the gut.

  • The MAHER Protocol is a nutritional and probiotic plan that is designed to positively alter the microbiome of your gut flora and fauna. Each individual receives a tailored plan, specific to their presenting symptomology.
  • The MAHER Protocol addresses all your medical history and medication and your current dietary habit, gut function and bowel habit through thorough consultation.
  • The MAHER Protocol does not negatively interfere with other treatments, therapies or medications and encourages multi-discipline collaboration in the interests of the client.
  • All MAHER Protocol client’s medication is reviewed by a consultant pharmacist to ensure optimal therapeutic safety.

Your gut is an amazing processing plant that harnesses energy from your diet to feed the trillions of cells in your body.
Lining your gut are trillions of bacteria, referred to as gut flora and fauna or gut microbiome. These bacteria separate into different types and each bacterial type provides a specific service to an area of your gut. These allow our bodies to function optimally, right down to the cellular level of our DNA double helix.

Our cells are alive within us, working tirelessly at their roles, fulfilling essential functions for finite periods. Hence, they are often dividing, cloning, adapting, evolving and mutating as we age. Within this process, our cellular DNA is maintained at optimal level through the healthy cellular manufacture of DNA protein repairers such as Resveratrol and the inherent services they provide.

DNA protein repairers effectively ensure that each singular cell in your body is the best it can be, repairing any DNA strands within the DNA double helix showing signs of corruption.

Therefore, in positive gut health we are youthful, vibrant, healthy, symptom free of disease and dis-ease.

However, in negative gut heath, we experience physical, psychological, neurological, emotional and behavioural symptoms of disease (or dis-ease) due to the corrupting of our DNA through inherited misfortune and/or negative life opportunities and choices.

These disturb our guts natural order, encouraging bacterial types to over penetrate into wrong areas of the gut – eroding the gut lining and enabling toxins to enter our blood supply, entering our cells and corrupt our bodies’ ability to function optimally or detoxify.

Over time, toxins of all types build – in the body – the body unable to detoxify and not able to absorb energy from foods appropriately means DNA cannot repair optimally and negative health symptoms arise. These impact our quality and quantity of life.

Case Studies


21-year-old male client, suffering 50–100 epileptic seizures a day and at risk of sudden unexpected death from epilepsy (SUDEP). Client prognosis, 1 year mortality

Client had been on antibiotics without pause for 10 years treating urinary tract infections. Client was not catheterised

Client was on highest doses of epileptic medications and was fed via a PEG (tube in the stomach)

Commenced on probiotic, changing no other medications or routines

Within 3 weeks, seizure rate reduced by 97-100%.
Within 6 weeks, the client was no longer requiring antibiotics for UTIs and continues probiotic use. Eight years on client still living with decreased symptoms


79-year-old woman with long history of bowel cancer, having undergone multiple operations with no stoma formed

Presenting problem, extreme bowel pain, inability to pass stools due to adhesions (the bowel is puckered in surgery when stitched together, causing a narrow passage which faeces becomes stuck within. This creates a bowel obstruction which if untreated can cause a perforated bowel, which is significantly dangerous with a poor prognosis). Stool type 1 and 7

Client commenced on MAHER Protocol and Probiotic

Abdominal pain and constipation relieved, no further constipation and no further admissions to hospital with adhesions /bowel obstruction 7 years on


4-year-old boy with constant constipation and undiagnosed educational needs. Boy’s behavior was constantly biting and clawing Mum, screaming continually night and day and disturbing the night rest of other family members, causing significant dysfunction within the family and between the couple

Commenced on MAHER Protocol and probiotic. Within 10 days bowel habit increased and overt signs of discomfort, scratching, biting and insomnia much reduced. Mum reported child engaging more in play and being less clingy overall. Over the MAHER Protocol time, overall challenging behaviors decreased and schooling commenced.

Family dynamic improved

Russell Maher

Russell Maher, Gut therapist
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The MAHER Protocol has seen significant symptom relief in the following conditions:
Bi-Polar Disorder
Coronary Heart Disease
Crohn’s disease
High Cholesterol
Ulcerative colitis


“I cannot thank Russell enough for his help with my father. Dad is more mobile, has more energy and at 77, enjoying his family and food far more and consequently we’re enjoying him. I’ve got my Dad back! Amazing.” Dr D. Henderson

“Mum was so ill after the long road of continual antibiotics which weren’t clearing the infection. After speaking to Russ and starting a probiotic he recommended, with some simple and sensible suggestions I knew Mum would do. Mum practically felt better immediately and within days was her old self and independent. She hadn’t been that way for months. Now, whenever she feels ill, Mum goes straight back onto her MAHER Protocol and soon feels better.” Magnus Agugu – Son of the Founding Father of Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Why didn’t I know of the MAHER Protocol at the start of my symptoms and journey? I would have saved so much time and not been in such pain and discomfort.” Maureen Bush – Human Resources Manager.

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