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Online Psychotherapy & Counselling

In these uncertain times we all need a safe space to talk. Professional excellence and authentic human care. We can help you.

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Isolated? You don’t need to feel lonely

Therapy Harley Street Online Clinic a safe place to talk. 

At Therapy Harley Street we are strictly following the guidelines provided by Public Health regarding Coronavirus. As many people now are self-isolating we have updated our technology in order to be able to offer you high-quality online service. Barbara Godoy – director 

Wellbeing therapies

Nutrition &
Homeopathy online

Nutrition Nutritionist London

“Boost your immune system, the key to wellbeing” Our nutritionists and homeopaths can help you to build up your antibodies.

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Acupuncture online, techniques using acupressure

accupresure points

The consultation will include a discussion of key areas of health concern, based on principles of Oriental medicine and individual needs.

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Personal training
& Mindfulness


Keep your mind and body healthy with exercise. Creativity is the key, no need of gym equipment. Keep safe, keep active. 

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Keep safe, stay positive

“As long as you find meaning challenging times can be surmounted” Therapy Harley Street, Psychotherapy, Counselling and Wellbeing >

“Fear is natural, talk about it” Barbara Godoy, Existential Psychotherapist >

“Don’t let dark thoughts cloud your mind” Therapy Harley Street, Psychotherapy, Counselling and Wellbeing >

“Speak about it: Anxiety is a natural response to unprecedented conditions” Barbara Godoy, Existential Psychotherapist >

“This is the perfect time to tackle this issue that you are carrying from years. Make your normal a new normal.” Alexia Harrison, Eating Disorders Psychotherapist >

shall pass

“And this too shall pass” Ondine Smulders, Existential Psychotherapist >

“Lockdown does not need to be an unbearable closeness. Instead it can be an exercise in openness” Elizabeth O’Connor Bandeen, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist >

“The only peaceful place of a cyclone is its centre” Barbara Godoy, Existential Psychotherapist >

“Alone Together. Isolated but more connected than ever” Therapy Harley Street >

find yourself

‘We can help you find yourself in these challenging times” Therapy Harley Street, Psychotherapy, Counselling and Wellbeing >


“In these uncertain times we all need a safe place to talk” Therapy Harley Street, Psychotherapy and Counselling >


“Never trust your fears; they don’t know your strengths” Brigida Walkin, Counselling Psychologist >

“Speak, share and aim to replace anxiety with an awakening” Alexia Harrison , Psychotherapist – Eating Disorders specialist >

breathing techniques

“Breathe… it is the key to keeping calm” CBT, mindfulness meditation and breathing techniques >


“Together against loneliness. Reach out and let’s talk”  Hanni St Johns, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

CBT Hypnotherapy

“No need to panic. Take each day at a time” CBT and Hypnotherapy can give you tools to move forward

“Nourishing yourself nurtures your immune health” Victoria Jain Hamilton, Nutritionist – immune system specialist

“Isolated? You don’t need to feel lonely” Therapy Harley Street – Psychotherapist, Counselling and Well-being

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