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Online Psychotherapy & Counselling

In these uncertain times we all need a safe space to talk. Professional excellence and authentic human care. We can help you.

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Therapy Harley Street Online Clinic a safe place to talk. 

At Therapy Harley Street we are strictly following the guidelines provided by Public Health regarding Coronavirus. We have updated our technology in order to be able to offer you high-quality online service. Barbara Godoy – director 

Wellbeing therapies

Nutrition &
Homeopathy online

Nutrition Nutritionist London

“Boost your immune system, the key to wellbeing” Our nutritionists and homeopaths can help you to build up your antibodies.

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Hypnotherapy, It is a very effective way to make positive, lasting changes


It is a short therapy that will help you to improve your life. You can work on anxiety, depression, stress, eating disorders, addictions. 

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Personal training
& Mindfulness


Keep your mind and body healthy with exercise. Creativity is the key, no need of gym equipment. Keep safe, keep active. 

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Keep safe, stay positive

“As long as you find meaning challenging times can be surmounted” Therapy Harley Street, Psychotherapy, Counselling and Wellbeing >

“Fear is natural, talk about it” Barbara Godoy, Existential Psychotherapist >

“Don’t let dark thoughts cloud your mind” Therapy Harley Street, Psychotherapy, Counselling and Wellbeing >

“Speak about it: Anxiety is a natural response to unprecedented conditions” Barbara Godoy, Existential Psychotherapist >

“This is the perfect time to tackle this issue that you are carrying from years. Make your normal a new normal.” Alexia Harrison, Eating Disorders Psychotherapist >

shall pass

“And this too shall pass” Ondine Smulders, Existential Psychotherapist >

“Lockdown does not need to be an unbearable closeness. Instead it can be an exercise in openness” Elizabeth O’Connor Bandeen, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist >

“The only peaceful place of a cyclone is its centre” Barbara Godoy, Existential Psychotherapist >

“Alone Together. Isolated but more connected than ever” Therapy Harley Street >

find yourself

‘We can help you find yourself in these challenging times” Therapy Harley Street, Psychotherapy, Counselling and Wellbeing >


“In these uncertain times we all need a safe place to talk” Therapy Harley Street, Psychotherapy and Counselling >


“Never trust your fears; they don’t know your strengths” Brigida Walkin, Counselling Psychologist >

“Speak, share and aim to replace anxiety with an awakening” Alexia Harrison , Psychotherapist – Eating Disorders specialist >

breathing techniques

“Breathe… it is the key to keeping calm” CBT, mindfulness meditation and breathing techniques >


“Together against loneliness. Reach out and let’s talk”  Hanni St Johns, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

CBT Hypnotherapy

“No need to panic. Take each day at a time” CBT and Hypnotherapy can give you tools to move forward

“Nourishing yourself nurtures your immune health” Victoria Jain Hamilton, Nutritionist – immune system specialist

“Isolated? You don’t need to feel lonely” Therapy Harley Street – Psychotherapist, Counselling and Well-being

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