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Health Kinesiology

KinesiologyHealth kinesiology is based on the balanced flow of energy around our bodies. This energy fuels our bodies and gives us the vitality we need to live a harmonious life.

Sometimes the energy flowing through us can get blocked creating either an illness, ailment, pain or discomfort. Health Kinesiology is able to clear these blocks by balancing your whole energy system.

During a session your practitioner will use several methods to help balance your body. Magnets, aromatherapy oils, crystals, self touch, thoughts and memories, holding acupressure points and maybe getting you to move into certain body positions. The goal is to facilitate your healing by releasing energy blockages to get you back to full health. Using a technique called muscle testing your practitioner can find out what your body needs, when it needs to facilitate the healing.

It is easy for our bodies to become unbalanced within our every day environment. Electromagnetic fields, environmental toxins, allergens and even psychological stresses can affect our flow of energy. These energy blockages can stop certain parts of our bodies from working properly.

When our body is unbalanced we get a warning signal to let us know we have a blockage. This could include acne, allergies, back pain, headaches, muscle aches, brain fog or digestion problems. The list can go on! Health Kinesiology will be able to help eliminate these warning signals by finding the root cause of an issue and unblocking those specific traffic jams within your energy system!

Health Kinesiology can boost your energy, prevent you from illnesses, overcome phobias and fears, increase your self-confidence and even sharpen your sport performance!

India Majury

India Majury, health kinesiologist
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