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Individual Therapy

Individual TherapyEveryone is unique and needs to be understood in their own context.

An Individual analysis is a process of exploration and discovery. Here you will be the focus and together we will find out how to provide you with a safe and inspiring space. A therapeutic space is a fertile ground in which to grow a new and refreshed perspective of the full range of your possibilities. The benefits of developing a friendly and fluid relationship with yourself are innumerable. Learning how to kindly put all the pieces of your puzzle back together naturally brings about changes leading to loving and accepting every aspect of your life.

Individual Therapy can:

  • Help you regain the courage to respond to the challenges that life places in your path.
  • Show you how to observe what you bring into your personal and professional relationships and explore better options to respond to them.
  • Enable you to stop reading from the scripts written by others and begin to compose your own lines.
  • Give you the inspiration to remember who you are, what you actually want, and what choices you need to make.
  • Teach you how to embrace the whole range of experiences that life has for you without losing your balance.

“I never knew what was holding me back, but I knew something was. Bárbara helped me explore, deal with, cry through, exalt and celebrate myself, guiding me with skill, care, love and support on a wonderful journey of self-discovery through analysis. The life I lead has changed.” – Emma K., Screenwriter, U.K.

“One ought to hold on to one’s heart; for if one lets it go, one soon loses control of the head too.” Friedrich Nietzsche

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Individual Therapy Harley Street.



Barbara Godoy - psychotherapist

Barbara Godoy | Psychotherapist & Director
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Pinar McGivern
Mindfulness Based Psychotherapist
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Muneeza Khimji

Muneeza Khimji, CBT & EMDR Therapist Read more >

Dr Tom Cotton

Dr Tom Cotton, Psychotherapist & Executive Coach
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Dr Mimi Goess Saurau

Dr Mimi Goess Saurau, Psychologist
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Saidat Khan, Integrative Humanistic Psychotherapist
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Samantha Morris

Samantha Morris
Integrative Art Psychotherapist
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Bernadette Devine,
Psychotherapist & Executive coach
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Cigdem tas

Cigdem Tas, Psychologist & Supervisor
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Dr Wafaa
Psychosexual Therapist & Relationship Counsellor
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Lizzy Wicks

Lizzy Wicks

Lizzy Wicks
Counsellor & Psychotherapist
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Emily Cavendish

Emily Cavendish
Integrative Psychotherapist
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