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Jeraline George

J GeorgeJeraline George, Psychotherapist, Adv. Dip., BACP Accred

Helping women feel good about themselves and their relationships..

Jeraline George is a BACP Accredited Psychotherapist who specialises in relationship anxiety. Her aim is to support professional women who spend more time anxiously thinking about their relationship rather than nurturing it. She will help them let go of their fear of abandonment, and have them instead stand in their power, communicate authentically, and have the love for themselves on the inside reflected on the outside, so they can have a meaningful relationship with a partner.

Jeraline’s perspective on self-esteem and relationships is unique. Over 16+ years, she has worked as a counselling manager, clinical supervisor, and a psychotherapist within many charities and private corporations. She has also obtained numerous qualifications in talking treatments, including an Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, and she is a qualified Personal Fashion Stylist.

Since qualifying as a psychotherapist in 2003, Jeraline has supported hundreds of women to step into their power and become more authentic in their lives, family, career and relationships. She has worked with women in the creative, financial, educational, and international development fields.

My approach:

In the sessions, I use an amalgamation of counselling models, strategies, processes, and new ways of looking at things that will help you let go of your relationship anxiety.  The various models and strategies I use are powerful and effective vehicles for change, and women notice they feel better from session one.



More info at www.talktomelondon.com



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