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Krys Bogacz

Kryz BogaczKrys Bogacz, BSc, RCST, BCST
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist registered with the Craniosacral Therapy Association (CSTA) undergoing regular supervision.

Krys returns to the Craniosacral Therapy Education Trust where she completed her own studies to work as a tutor on the Living Anatomy Foundation course and Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner Training. She gives informal talks on the mind-body connection and holds workshops for small groups who are interested in self-enquiry and personal development.

Krys works holistically and is particularly interested in the connection between our physical body and emotional health. She takes regular post-graduate training to broaden her understanding of the ways in which mind and body relate. In addition to working with physical injuries, she works with clients who have experienced trauma and abuse. She has found that gentle body-work which follows a pace set by the client can be immensely supportive for people already undergoing talking therapy and in some cases can help a person find relief from issues that they were unable to obtain through verbal communication. With gentle touch, she is able to work with patterns or symptoms that a client may have held in their system for a long time, sometimes dating all the way back to birth.

Krys initially pursued a corporate career that enables her to understand the pressures of balancing the demands of an intense workplace with family life and personal time. She is also a regular student of yoga, mindfulness and coaching techniques as well as being a Reiki Master. She brings this unique combination into her work with clients, assisting those who are interested in personal growth and optimising their sense of fulfilment as well as those who may be seeking relief from physical injury, surgery or chronic physical conditions such as migraine, cancer and IBS.

Krys believes that we are each equipped with all the resources required for us to live our lives fully. In the same way that our bodies are capable of self-healing, our innate wisdom is there to guide us through the emotional challenges of life. The principal of Krys’s work is to help clients to reconnect with these resources, to augment the health that is already available for them, no matter what issues they may be holding. She works with what the client can do, rather than what they cannot. She works with the whole person – their physical body, their life experiences, their emotional state. She has found that when clients come into relationship with their body and gain an understanding of their own patterns and behaviours, whether physical or emotional, they become open to the possibility of empowerment, increased choice and an improved sense of freedom.

In addition to her practice at the Mind Body Center in Harley Street, Krys also runs a private clinic at the Canonbury Natural Health Clinic in Islington and periodically works with Detox International as a facilitator for groups who are juice-fasting in a retreat setting.

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