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Laura Colquhoun

Laura ColquohuomLaura Colquhoun, Psychodynamic and Person-Centred/Humanistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Tailor-Made Solution-Focused Therapy.

FdA, BA Hons Therapeutic Counselling & Psychotherapy, BACP registered.

“Life can be difficult and challenging.  We can feel depressed, anxious, stressed, worried or unable to cope. This can impact on all aspects of our lives; personal and professional. Therapy comes in many different shapes and forms and I believe the mode of therapy should fit the client, we are all individuals after all.”

I practise as an Integrative Therapist which means I draw on theory from Psychodynamic, Psychoanalytic and Person-Centred/Humanistic schools, but I also include aspects of Positive Psychology and Solution-Focused Therapy designing a therapeutic approach that best fits you, the client.

This solution-focused tailor-made collaborative therapy can help you manage your life, find balance, peace and achieve your goals giving you a greater range of choice and possibilities.

Sometimes all a client needs is someone to listen and to accept them in a non-judgmental way giving them the space to understand and know themselves completely. Other times work needs to examine childhood experiences or development or possibly focus on a recent life event which can be anything from relationship problems to self-esteem, depression, anxiety, stress, work problems or a mid-life evaluation.

Between us we find the best way to help work through and manage this.

This collaborative work looks to unpack and understand feelings of self-worth and self-experience, identify problems and solve unhealthy coping strategies.

Therapy can be short or long-term depending on the goals you wish to achieve and whilst we are working we will continually assess and examine the work in progress, to find the best way to meet your needs.

“I put you, the client, at the centre of the work and believe that together we can work collaboratively to help you manage your life more happily and successfully.”

I have a wide range of experience and have worked with the following organisations as a therapist:

  • Barnardos (families, Domestic Abuse)
  • SWADS (Addiction & Depression)
  • Action for Blind People (Disability, Depression, Loss and Bereavement)
  • RNIB (Disability, Depression, Loss and Bereavement)
  • CGL/Turning Point (Addiction, Depression, Stress and Anxiety)

I also have a thriving private practice in the Cotswolds and am committed to continuous professional development.

Before becoming a therapist, I worked in media, advertising and the music industry and I have a strong business background.  I am also a mother to two daughters, one of whom is fostered.

Accreditations and memberships:



10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF
+44 (0) 207 289 5656


‘Tailor-made solution-focussed therapy’

Clients come to me experiencing;












Life changes

Work problems



Relationship problems




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