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We offer a wide range of massage therapies. Our therapists come from different backgrounds providing a unique session. 

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Esalen massage NEW


This is a deep massage which aims to guide the recipient into a profound relaxation where the benefits are boosted considerably. It targets the muscles and the circulatory system with long, gentle but deep unpredictable strokes and mild stretching. It stimulates lymph and blood vessels to excrete body toxins and stretch connective tissue.

What makes Esalen massage unique?

The quality of touch. This kind of touch has been named of different ways in the world, for instances ‘The conscious touch’, ‘The open heart’, ‘Le touché du Coeur’, etc. When meeting a tight place, an area of held tension, instead of working the tissue and forcing it to let go—and perhaps creating more stress—the Esalen massage practitioner explores or plays with, the tissue, coaxing it to soften, let go and eventually relax. This non-invasive touch allows practitioners to vary the pressure from light to deep and back again, depending on the area of the body being touched and the quality of the tissue under their hands. An attitude of exploration, instead of a programmed technique, prevails throughout the entire massage session. Frequently, the practitioner returns to the slow, flowing, long stroke, integrating deeper contact, encouraging the client to feel wholly connected and allowing the body systems to move into balance.

It is a type of bodywork based on sensory-motor education rather than being a treatment or procedure in itself. It doesn’t aim to tackle a widespread problem but to carefully create a flow of sensory information towards the client’s mind awaking inner resources for healing.
Furthermore, it increases body awareness and induces a meditative state, clearing your mind, and making you connect with your inner essence regaining a sense of joy, harmony, reverence, and balance.

It is a bodywork technique based on Gestalt psychology. It was developed in the 60s at the Esalen Institute, a centre dedicated to the study of human potential in Big Sur, California.

Marimar Escribano
Certified Esalen® massage & bodywork practitioner.
Registered with Esalen Massage & Bodywork Association (EMBA, US) and Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI, UK).

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Psycho-emotional Release - Nurture Touch Massage

90 min – £150
120 min – £200

Imagine receiving a treatment that lights you up, rekindles your passion and brings as much joy to you as you give to others. A sacral acceptance of all that you are, a magical dance where you can feel truly held, seen and accepted. Picture receiving a massage where the depth, the pressure, contact and speed are perfectly balanced; the transitions from one body part to another are so seaming less, they go unnoticed. Now picture your session happening as if in water, although you remain on the table, your energetic body is no longer limited by it. Parts of you are heavily draped to the ground, other lifted into the air and others unwounded, opening up the heart.

Signature Hot Stones

90 min – £150
120 min – £200

Spoil yourself with this Nature-inspired treatment of complete relaxation; includes Hot Stones on the Back and facial Aromatherapy massage. Combining hot stone with a full body massage provides a very healing and effective experience. The hot stones have a sedative effect and studies show that a hot stone massage may be a helpful way to reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and ease pain and muscle tension.


60 min – £100
90 min – £150

This is a classical Swedish massage, using a combination of deep and soft tissue techniques that will help to restore balance to your body and mind. Perfect for on-the-rush working professionals as you can have this treatment for as little as 1 hour.


90 min – £150
120 min – £200

Do you feel tense and stressed after a sedentary day in the office? Why not go for a relaxing Aromatherapy massage? The complementary use of aromatherapy optimises the beneficial effects massage has on the mind and body.
Some of the health benefits of aromatherapy when combined with massage include its ability to reduce anxiety, boost energy levels, speed up the healing process, eliminate headaches, boost cognitive performance, induce sleep, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, improve digestion and increase circulation.

Children’s Massage

5 – 14 years old £50 / hour
14 – 17 years old £75 / hour

Did you know that massage has been proven to help with your child’s development? Your young ones are more active than ever, in mind and in body. Teaching them to manage stress and body awareness while they are young can help prevent a lifetime of chronic pain and poor habits.
Does your child:
Struggle in social situations?
Has low confidence / self-esteem?
Experience anxiety or depression?
Then they might benefit from massage therapy!

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a technique to release tension in the body, whether built through stress or intensive exercise.


Deep tissue massage restores the body to a relaxed state, increases flexibility and releases ‘knots’ or adhesions (where muscle fibers have become entangled and stuck together within muscles).

What ‘trigger pointing’ is and how it works

Sometimes muscles will enter into a state of constant contraction or ‘spasm’, even when you are not using them. This can be caused by a number of reasons, for instance: nervous tension or stress, a mis-aligned skeletal joint that is causing a nerve to clench a muscle or tension in an adjacent muscle of the same muscle group. Another cause can be a ‘pain-spasm-pain’ cycle where a muscle has become super-tight in a small area. This sends a ‘pain’ message to the brain. The brain then responds in an attempt to protect this part of the body by clenching, which in turn increases the intensity of the cycle. This can be released by a technique called ‘trigger pointing’ which suppresses this sensation of pain to the brain thereby reducing its intensity and gradually switching-off the cycle.

“My back/leg issue hasn’t bothered me since last week. Quite amazing.” Robert Hocking. Director of Global Development, Fitch Worldwide

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Indian Head Massage

This 30 minute treatment can be performed sitting up or lying down and is a popular at the festivals Adrianna frequents. It’s a beautiful, relaxing treatment which is often incorporated in to a Swedish Massage. It stimulates blood flow to the scalp, helps relieve tensions in the upper back and includes a facial accupressure massage that encourages cell regeneration. It is used in India initially on newborns and children to help promote hair growth, improve calmness and increase a sense of connection.

Lymphatic drainage Massage

lymphaticLymphatic Drainage Massage reduces swelling of the soft tissues caused by blockages and build-up of fluid in the lymphatic system. This technique also clears excess water held in adipose tissue (fat reserves) and can assist the body’s process of clearing excess of weight, especially water.

How does it work? Alongside the circulatory system responsible for blood flow (‘closed system’) there is an open-ended one-way lymphatic system containing lymphatic fluid. The circulatory system provides nutrients to the soft tissues. Once the nutrients are used-up 80% of the by-products or toxins are re-absorbed into the blood and quickly disposed of. The remaining 20% of toxins are absorbed by this one-way lymphatic system to process toxins and this system will more gradually transport this fluid to be processed. The passage and processing of these toxins out of the body is greatly assisted by this specific massage technique.

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Myofascial Release Massage

myofascialRelease of Myofascial tension increases flexibility, eases functionality, helps postural alignment and promotes healthy movement patterns, which can reverse tension build-up in the body.

What is Fascia? Enveloping all muscle, bone and organs in the body are connective tissues called fascia. This thin sheathe-like material maintains our organs in their respective positions in the thoracic and abdominal cavities, provides surface area for some of the muscles to attach to bones and reduces friction between adjacent muscles.

How does this treatment work? Adjacent structures of fascia can become adhered, reducing flexibility and inhibiting range of motion, particularly with multiple-joint movement, like touching your toes. These structures pass through the whole of the body. For example there is one piece of this connective tissue which passes from the big toe, under the foot, up the calf and rear of the thy, continues up the back and neck, over the top of the scalp and finally attaches to the forehead. So perhaps it is no wonder you might feel there is a tight sock restricting the action of say, doing up your shoelaces.

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Sejfukujitsu (energy release massage

seifukujitsuThis Japanese massage technique was traditionally practiced after Jujitsu training. It works along energy channels or chi channels throughout the body.

How does it work? There are routes through the human body where a greater concentration of neurological pathways can be found. In this system these pathways or ‘chi channels’ can become blocked, in much the same way as a river might become dammed, restricting the flow of water. This technique releases such blockages and thereby returns the body to a more natural state of equilibrium.


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Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a technique to release tension in the body, whether built through stress or intensive exercise.

Sports massage enhances performance, as the benefits from training are attained more effectively over time. The build-up of lactic acid from training is literally pushed out. Loaded with essential nutrients fresh blood flows to specific sites in the soft tissues that were previously blocked facilitating a more effective recovery post training. Factoring-in sports massage over a month of training, the adaptation of your body will be speeded-along as the recovery periods become more efficient. The body is refreshed and ready to train earlier.

“John’s applications of Sports Massage Therapy techniques make him a truly exceptional massage therapist.” Mark Hall, Solicitor, UK


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Swedish Bodyworker Massage

The most popular form of European massage, the Swedish massage, works using the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Working around the bones of the body, with the muscle structure, the points of muscle insertion and joint mobility Adrianna uses this type of massage for those who need positive touch for restoration, assistance in healing injuries and for repetitve traumas.

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Thai Acupressure Massage

A popular Asian massage in Europe, this Thai therapeutic massage incorporates accupressure points and lines on the body similar to those used in accupuncture and tapping techniques. Adrianna works with an injury or ailment using the vitality of these points to stimulate circulation, encourage positive shifts in energy blockages and release restrictions in the body. It’s often performed on the floor however this treatment at Harley Street will be on a massage table.

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Women's Treatments

Most people are in need of more physical touch with or without knowing it. Before, during and after pregnancy a woman’s emotional and physical body requires even greater devotion and care. Adrianna offers women treatments on the reproductive system:

  • before conception to help support ongoing fertitlity treatment and prepare the uterus and abdomen for physical and hormonal changes.
  • during pregnancy and birth to offer relief from painful physical changes and naturally reposition fetuses and turn breech babies.
  • after birth to help realign the pelvis and heal symphysis pubis dysfunction.

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Massage Therpists

massage therapist

John Clutterbuck, massage therapist.
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Marimar Escribano

Esalen Massage Therapist
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Monica Paslaru
Massage Therapist (psycho-emotional massage)
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“My back/leg issue hasn’t bothered me since last week. Quite amazing.” Robert Hocking. Director of Global Development, Fitch Worldwide.


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