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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). A mediator facilitates negotiation between individuals or organisations that are in conflict, possibly already in formal litigation. The aim is to reach an agreement to settle their dispute which all parties can live with, so that they can get on with the rest of their lives. Outcomes can be much more creative than any tribunal would be able to impose. It is a voluntary and confidential process.


A mediation service from 10 Harley Street with two strands:

1. In support of the therapeutic work any practitioner might be doing with couples or families: to offer a separate space for negotiating practicalities which it might not be possible or appropriate to negotiate in the therapeutic space, for example, how people might either separate or continue to live under the same roof

2. As an additional service: mediation of disputes, both formal and informal, that have an emotional aspect as a major ingredient, for example inheritance issues, family/small business disputes.

Proposed Approach

  • An initial meeting to explain the process, to manage expectations, to agree a format (eg. number of meetings, participants at each, dates and timetable) and to agree any preparatory work that will be helpful
  • Subsequent meetings, according to the timetable agreed, for the negotiation to take place (with scope for flexibility as necessary)
  • Confidentiality within this process. Any information communicated to anyone outside of the mediation process would be by the parties themselves at their own discretion
  • A mediation agreement signed by the mediator and all parties, to confirm participation in the process in good faith and on a confidential basis


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