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Ondine Smulders

Ondine SmuldersOndine Smulders holds a Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology and an Advanced Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy (ADEP). She is accredited through the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and abides by its code of Ethics and Conduct. She is a member of the Society for Existential Analysis.

“Existential psychotherapy is philosophically based. I focus on what it means to be alive by finding meaning in the obstacles that life throws up.
My approach is existential-phenomenological. This means that, aside from using philosophical concepts to frame my work, I emphasise description and reflection over interpretation. I look at what is there rather than what we would like to be there. I will use our therapist-client relationship to understand how you relate to yourself, others and the world. I stay open to any possibility and have no set agenda or planned outcome. 
Existential therapy can guide you to a different perspective on yourself and provide new insight into your existence. This may help you cope better with life’s challenges, both today and in the future.”  Ondine Smulders.

She has worked as a therapist since 2012 providing both long and short-term individual and group psychotherapy. She has worked in the NHS, at Mind and the Woman’s Trust. Currently, she works in private practice and continues her work as a volunteer psychotherapist at Mind in Camden, a charity that supports people with mental health problems. 

She has worked extensively with depression, suicidal thoughts, relationship issues, trauma and PTSD, schizophrenia and long-term illness. She has a personal interest in expat and third culture issues.

Ondine worked for two decades in investment banking and a think-tank/publishing house providing her with first-hand experience of the highly competitive and stressful nature of such work environments. Her business interest and involvement continues through a private sector board advisory role.




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