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Personal training

“Embarking on a training program can initially feel daunting – that’s where we come in. Until you begin to experience the pleasure and freedom of a fully functioning body, we will be with you every step of the way. A healthy body will enable you to rediscover the joy of being.” John Clutterbuck.

A bespoke training
A program is tailored around personal goals that can be achieved within a realistic time frame. Following the initial assessment analysis a plan of action is designed and proposed for mutual agreement.

The approach to sessions is to achieve results through mindful and functional movement with resistance in order to promote the balance of mind and body. There is a natural correlation between measurable qualities and someone’s experience of living, for example: cardiovascular fitness is linked to an increase of mental stamina; weight loss is linked to feeling confident and dynamic; and strength is linked to feeling grounded even in challenging moments.

Benefits of this Approach to Personal Training:


Weight loss, postural improvement, metabolic conditioning, muscular toning, conscious breathing, core stability and balance, strength – endurance, cardio-vascular fitness, skill – coordination, flexibility, speed and agility, range of movement, power output and relaxation.


Concentration, positive outlook, stamina and enthusiasm,  motivation maintenance, confidence and self-esteem, clarity, self-awareness, peacefulness, stress relief, presence, sharpness, hormonal re-balancing, creativity and courage.

“John is simply the best personal trainer, highly professional, friendly, loyal, smart, motivating: he has changed my ‘sporting’ life!” Amjad Rauf. Christies Art Business, UK.


Training Methodologies

Physical Therapy – Postural Alignment – Kettlebells – Strength and Conditioning –

Tai Chi and Qui Gong – Yoga and Meditation – Cycling – Well-Being in the Work Place

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Electro-Muscular Stimulation training (EMS)

Electro-muscular stimulation, more commonly known as EMS, involves the use of impulse currents (i.e. an electrochemical transmission of a signal along a nerve fibre that produces an excitatory or inhibitory response in a target tissue – in this case muscle tissue.)  

Time efficient: EMS is the quickest way to acquire the desired outcome when it comes to fitness. Only 25 minutes of EMS training equals 90 minutes of high intensity training at the gym. 

Lasting results: EMS is not a quick fix that goes away, it is a scientific method. Burn up to 500 calories/session. With a maximum of 2 sessions a week get lasting results, faster.

Health Benefits: EMS is proven to reduce back pain, promote rapid fat and weight loss, reduce cellulite and even boost your immune system. 

EMS training Personal trainer

“I’ve been training with Steve for almost 7 years now. He has a lot of experience and is also very knowledgeable when it comes to diet and physiology too. I’ve had a few back and shoulder issues over the years. With Steve’s support and advice I have actually started to reverse problems caused by old injuries and poor posture. I’ve noticed significant benefits from using EMS over the last year or so. Its that extra level of intensity without the strain on the body caused by more traditional training methods. It certainly works for me and I would recommend giving it a try!” Paul Johnson, Finance Director

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