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Poonam Mehta

Poonam Mehta

Poonam Mehta, Integrative Psychotherapist, BACP registered

Poonam is an Integrative Psychotherapist who uses an integrative approach to help clients discover and understand their underlying issues. She uses CBT when appropriate. She is an active and empathetic listener with extensive experience in a wide range of issues.

“There are difficult moments in life when we need somebody to talk to to help us make sense of our current difficulties and find clarity and a way forward. As I use an integrative approach, I can draw from a range of therapeutic approaches which enables me to engage in the most effective way best suited to your individual needs” Poonam Mehta

Poonam previously worked in HR in Kenya with individuals from a less fortunate background which enables her to empathise and fully comprehend people’s experiences – a vital part of psychotherapy. 

As a psychotherapist working with addiction, Poonam has engaged with clients to help grow their self-confidence and awareness by pin-pointing the root cause of their addiction. She works in the NHS in long and short-term weekly therapy with adults suffering from a variety of problems. Over the course of sessions, significant change takes place whereby the functionality of day-to-day tasks become more attainable and the belief and will to progress is strengthened.

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10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF
+44 (0) 207 289 5656


‘Thank you for giving me hope and inspiring me to start making changes in my life. I know there is no ‘magic pill’ and there is a long way ahead of me but at least now I believe I have a chance to make things better”

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