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Samantha Morris

Samantha MorrisSamantha is a qualified Integrative Art Psychotherapist and a registered Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC) Art Psychotherapist using talking therapy. She is registered MBACP member of the BACP. She was awarded a Merit for her Masters Degree in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy from the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education (University of East London) 

Samantha has treated a range of clients including a variety of professionals within both private and NHS therapeutic settings. 

Samantha’s clinical practice integrates both talking therapies and creativity, using a wide variety of creative tools such as imagery, the arts, metaphor, visualisation, imagination and artistic materials. The integration of both talking therapy and creativity enables you to creatively express and process issues from different angles and perspectives, which can lead you to a more holistic awareness and healing. This form of psychotherapy can also be therapeutic when words are limiting or talking may be difficult or painful.

Samantha offers an integrative approach meaning she draws upon many different schools of therapeutic schools thought including; psychodynamic psychotherapy, humanistic and existential approaches, and finally if appropriate, she may draw upon therapeutic management techniques inspired by mindfulness, meditation, CBT and psychoeducation.  

Using her knowledge and practice of these different schools of thought and creativity, Samantha offers a bespoke psychotherapeutic approach tailored to support her individual client’s therapeutic needs. 

As well as being an Integrative Art Psychotherapist, Samantha is IAPC&M accredited Practitioner Coach. Samantha’s coaching is holistic and takes into account the different areas of her client’s lives, yet she also focuses on supporting her clients to reconnect to themselves and their inner values and happiness, so that they are able to live more fulfilling personal and professional lives.

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To be seen and heard in a safe place.

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