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Self-care Supervision

You can’t pour from an empty cup.
Take care of yourself first.

Who can benefit from Supervision? You Can:

  • If you value your personal growth and self- care
  • If you work in isolation – therapists, coaches

  • If you work leading and managing others – HR/L&D

  • If you work within ‘Caring’ professions and organisations

  • If you facilitate change through group work

Be accountable for your own wellbeing and personal growth; improve your professional competence, standards and learning.

What is Supervision?

Supervision on a 1-1 or group basis is a formal opportunity for you to share in confidence, to gain insight, support and direction for yourself, enabling you to better work in service of your clients.

Therapists, coaches and professionals with responsibility for wellbeing, leadership and development need supervision and increasingly corporate clients and procurement specialists are making evidence of regular supervision part of their quality assurance process.

Supervision with me draws on the best practice of psychotherapy and counselling supervision and places it within a coaching orientation. As such, it upholds the principles of coaching and mentoring and the coaching relationship.

Reflecting on you, your environment, your clients in a safe, confidential space which affords you support, validation, compassion and challenge makes sense.

You may wish to consider some of the following points and others more pertinent to you:

  • Contracting and creating a working alliance

  • Establishing good boundaries

  • Enhancing reflection when working with content and process

  • Attending to your personal development, wellbeing and self-care

  • Building your internal supervisor

  • Increasing your range of interventions, creative tools, psycho-education

  • Working with parallel process, transference and counter-transference

  • Ensuring that standards and ethics are maintained 

Our Supervisors

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Tom Cotton

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