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Sexual Compulsive Behaviour

Sex addiction 

Practitioner: Saidat Khan
Duration: 12 weeks programme
Date & Time: Once a week for 2 hours between 7-9pm and one weekend Saturday and Sunday 10-4pm (New dates TBC)


THERAPY HARLEY STREET is providing a safe and confidential supportive structured group-work course for recovery from sexual compulsive behavior/addiction.

The group is facilitated by an experienced psychotherapist and psychologist who are both qualified in the field of sexual addiction.

Definition of Sexual Addiction/Compulsivity:
It is engaging in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behaviour that are acted out despite negative consequences to self and others. It is where an individual will continue to engage in certain sexual behaviours despite facing potential health risks, financial problems, broken relationships or even involvement with the criminal justice system facing arrest.

Ask yourself?
Am I obsessing, craving sex and have difficulty controlling my thoughts.
Am I concerned that my intrusive sexual thoughts may cross the line between social acceptability and the law?
Do I feel irritable and agitated when I am unable to engage in the desired sexual behaviour?
Do I spend substantial time in activities related to sex, such as cruising for partners and visiting online pornographic web sites?
Does my sexual behaviour involve having sex with multiple partners or sex workers?
Is my sexual behaviour/activity escalating in order to achieve the desired effect, such as more frequent visits to prostitutes, more sex partners or more intense use of internet pornography?
Does my sexual behaviour affect other activities in my life; neglecting responsibilities such as work and family, although, I have a desire to stop but still carry on.
Do I continually engage in the sexual behaviour despite negative consequences, such as damaged relationships or potential health risks?

If you are a male and have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions you may want to consider joining our Recovery Process group.

Recovery Process’ is a group-work support programme based on psycho-educational, relapse prevention and therapeutic engagement which is a viable treatment option for sexual addiction/compulsivity, with a strong evidence base to support it.

In the group sessions we support and help you:
Build a support network in realising that you are not alone in your struggles.
Explore and understand addictive processes and breaking through obstacles
Stop destructive sexual patterns using evidence based recovery techniques
Gain sexual sobriety by understanding your own sexual addictive cycle
Grow in interpersonal skills through understanding your own intimacy deficits and to practice healthy supportive relationships.

Men who struggle with sex addiction and compulsive behaviour have been using sex as a coping mechanism to deal with anxiety, loneliness, a sense of inadequacy, and many other emotional states (it is not really about the behaviour).

For all of us, acknowledging the way we think and feel about ourselves is an important step in becoming aware and making new choices. Recognising the role others play in how we think and feel increases our capacity to change and helps us form new positive relationships. The dynamic of the group is a fundamental part to achieving these goals.

We know that changing repetitive and addictive behaviours involves progressing through key stages of change. Our group sessions are designed to do this in a clear, accessible and empowering way. We provide you with a series of change techniques to help you become more resourceful and empowered. The structure and method we use integrates best practice from psychology and psychotherapy and is led by skilled practitioners from both these disciplines.

Think of the group process as a therapeutic alliance. The human brain is a social organ that is shaped by interaction. You can make improvements by joining a supportive group with a motivation to change and readiness to address both deeper concerns and the more everyday issues associated with wellbeing, positive thinking and new relationships.

A minimum of 3 month commitment is required but most men joining the group stay for a much longer time to preserve sexual sobriety. The groups are limited to 8-10 men

Please contact Saidat Khan 07960 161 261 saidat@therapyharleystreet.co.uk for further details on cost.

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