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The Existential Adventure

A one year process of systematic existential enquiry, committed creative production and spiritual expansion in a group of fellows.

An existential adaptation of the Hero’s Journey (J.Campbel) guided by the 9 Greek Muses.

Three terms of three Saturday workshops 1. Invites participants to hear the “Call for Adventure”; 2. Offers a map and a lantern for “Crossing the Threshold” and 3. Ends by celebrating the “Return with Elixir”.

Methodology: awareness intensive practices derived from existential philosophy, meditation, psychodrama, communication techniques, family constellation, bio-energetics, touch and sharing.

Note: Recommended reading an hour per month minimum.

9 Saturdays 11am to 5pm

 Term One: Call for adventure
Muses: Clio, Erato and Melpomene.
Stages: The Ordinary World, Refusal of Call and Magical Mentor

Term Two: Crossing the Threshold
Muse: Calliope, Euterpe, Urania
Stages: Allies & Enemies, The Ordeal and The Reward

Term Three: Return with Elixir
Muses: Polyhymnia, Terpsichore and Thalia
Stages: The Road Back, Resurrection and Celebration

Early bird fee £1134 (or £180 per workshop)

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