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The Swans

 This one-year journey follows the soul’s call for adventure by interrupting the distractions and excuses that keep us isolated from ourselves and our tribe. Together we remember the beauty and strengths of the swan’s majestic wings to fly back home where we belong.

The Swans with Bárbara Godoy and guest teachers is a programme based on J. Campbell’s twelve stages of the Monomyth. Inspired by ancient myths from around the world participants reconnect to their bodies, improve their relationships, learn how to be more honest, process difficult emotions, encounter important aspects of the self that have been denied, repressed and forgotten, develop new ways to manifest their own meaning, discover the art of friendship and much more!



Tuesdays from 12 noon to 1:30 pm (login 11:50 am)

The course is divided in 3 Terms (12 consecutive weeks per term)

Summer Term: 04/05/21 – 20/07/21. Invites participants to hear the “Call for Adventure”.

Autumn Term: 07/09/21 – 23/11/21. Offers a map and a lantern for “Crossing the Threshold”.

Winter/Spring: 11/01/22 – 29/03/22. Ends by celebrating the “Return with Elixir”.

One monthly individual session is recommended during term times.


Meditation, breathing, relaxation, movement, theatre as ritual, emotional release, creative imagination, communication techniques, family constellation, bioenergetics, working with the cycles and sharing.

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