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  • The depth of John’s physiological and anatomical knowledge with his understanding of biomechanical movement are what make a real difference. He is clear about inclusion/exclusion criteria covered in his work and knows how to achieve results effectively.”

    Dr. Ikkuna. GP. UK.

  • The breadth and variety of John's training sessions results in a very holistic work-out. Not only has my general fitness improved since training with John, I've developed much more awareness of how my body works- enabling me to strengthen weaker muscles, stretch tighter ones and generally feel more balanced. Whatever your level of fitness I would thoroughly recommend training with John, his ability to detect your strengths and weaknesses and develop these is phenomenal.”

    Dr. Rebecca Redwood. (Medical Doctor) UK.

  • John has been exceptional all the way through my training period. I went to him with a vague idea of my goals, but he quickly worked with me to establish a focused program using a number of disciplines. This incorporated knee rehabilitation post an operation and helped me regain strength, stability, and importantly, confidence. This is holistic personal development at its best."

    Andrew Gardner. Project manager. M F Global. UK.

  • John's strength is in his ability to combine various methodologies (Yoga, Boxing, Weight Training etc) and tailor them to my particular need. I had always associated exercise and working out with muscle pain and soreness, but John's stretching approach means amazingly I feel no pain after training sessions. This, and his calmness, yet firm approach keeps me focused and motivated to keep training"

    Muibat, Strategy Management Consultant. UK & Saudi Arabia.

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