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Women’s Group Year Course 2021

Four Seasons Meditation

A true refuge of substantial information about the way of the ‘Feminine’. Every week we learn about an ancient Goddess from around the world; embody a therapeutic methodology and practice and expression of self-enquiry. 

Tuesdays 6pm to 7.15pm

Summer Term Fee:
£180 (or drop in £20 per session)

10 Tuesdays from 11 May to 13 July 2021 (6pm to 7:15pm via Zoom)


Storytelling, Communication techniques, Family constellation, Meditation, Breathing, Relaxation, Movements, Theatre as ritual, Emotional release, Creative imagination, Bioenergetics, Feedback and Sharing.


Las Lobas  (Advanced close group)
7.30pm to 9pm

Term Fee:
Three monthly instalments of £180 (£540 the whole term)


“Experiential Study Group” with Prof Ernesto Spinelli and Bárbara Godoy
An innovative combination of lectures with exercises specifically designed to “bring to life” key existential topics. For those wishing to “walk the walk” of existential enquiry by deepening and widening their “felt sense” in a group setting.
Click here for the full programme.


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