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Women’s group: Nine muses

Personal Development Programme:

Nine Greek Muses

Inspiration for creative expression


2020 Nine Muses Programme

Saturdays 11.30am to 5.30pm

Clio muse of history. Root chakra.


In this workshop we will focus on our personal story and its’ connection to our family history. The aim of this day is to remember and work towards releasing patterns that are no longer relevant for our further development. This can enable us to find greater freedom i our unique soul expression.

Erato muse of Eroticism, Sexuality & Love

Erato invites us to seek and reveal the hidden erotic creature, the centre of sexual power and self-knowledge. Erato is assertive and unapologetic. She does not comply with a single vision of erotic expression, but continually explores, challenges and recreates it by moulding and shaping it through her unique qualities, imagination, play and pleasure.

Melpomene muse: Be the author of your life’s script.

Melpomene, muse of tragedy. Indulging in the land of Romeo and Juliet, Antigone, Macbeth, and others, we will discover the script that underlines our personal tragedies. Through movement medicine, creative writing and psychodrama we will revise our personal script and perhaps we will choose to re-write it, amended, expanded…

“Calliope” muse (epic): Fairy tale, myth or legend. Heart centre.

Calliope Muse of the heart, with myth, music and fairytale we will be weaving the soul fabric of true feeling and sensitivity. Connection and belonging, a coming home to our true place amongst the living, the healing through each other.

Euterpe muse of poetry, music. The giver of delight.

Euterpe: Muse of lyric poetry and song directs out attention to finding “our voice” cleared from our negative inner critic and connected to our personal values. We practice the art of speaking truthfully in a way that who we are can be expressed to the world around us.

“Urania” muse (astronomy): Insight, Awakening and Creativity.

Urania represents the principle of inspired cosmic knowledge. She symbolises truth gained through meditation as well as the ability to bring wisdom and creativity into one’s creative work. She is a deep thinker who draws upon her inspiration to uncover mental treasures.

“Polyhymnia” muse: Embodied feminine wisdom.

Polyhymnia is the sacred muse of poetry, dance, meditation and prayer. On the seventh week experience the seventh chakra: the crown, our connection to the universe. It will be a day of embodied our feminine wisdom, our unique connection to the universe. Time to sweat your prayers!

“Terpsichore” muse:  dance and music.


Terpsichore, muse of dance. Here we step into the first attempt at transcendence. Letting go of the physicality of the body our attention shifts to perceive the life of the air between us. Together we move to the rhythm of this dancing universe. In this workshop we aim at being danced by the sublime.

“Thalía” muse: Comedy (joy y playfulness)

This will be a day of exploring our innate fool! Through the sudden glory of laughter we get perspective on the life we are living. The art form of comedy offers wisdom that can heal, transform an relieve us from stress and anxiety. Our sense of humour put us in a state of transcendence. We can look at the ourselves and the world anew.

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