by Jennifer Brown >

The mask which veils all ‘imperfection,’ can disintegrate with the loss of its integrity. How easy it would have been to present the true version of Self.

The Sunday Resolution Sessions aim to allocate time and space to think and process issues surrounding communication for both individuals and couples. Something has led to an issue which lies heavy on the heart and the soul. A solution maybe to simply not address it and eventually it will disappear or to lock it away in a back room somewhere in the mind. The conclusion to this is that we can be prevented from living a life indicative of who we truly are.

No complicated theories or mystery because these sessions require all to be present as the task of discovering resolution takes place. The fact that these sessions take place on a Sunday is important because of the quietness. The calm which allows you to be present and physically feel the responses within. Additionally, there is time to digest and process the content of the session. A by product of peace can be enlightenment.

The session will involve imagining that the individual or the couple hold a set of keys to a building with many rooms. The building is a metaphor for your life or the relationship and all the rooms represent parts of life experienced. Each of these keys gains access to a corresponding room but over a period of time either individually or collectively, the option to never unlock the door to a room or rooms was decided upon. Why they are locked is one aspect but unlocking them is where the work lies.

The content of these inaccessible spaces could inform the presenting issues.

Naturally there can be resistance to unlocking a door and there is no pressure to do so but through experience, it can lead to a sense of growth with the ability to consider and challenge some of the aspects of that room. Some may have been secured in childhood which can provoke a feeling of resistance to enter but perhaps also enclosed was the natural potential to simply be as either an individual or within a relationship. Ultimately there lies the opportunity to gain a sense of peace and self awareness once an issue is truly understood or even forgiven,

Imagine knowing what lies behind every door to each room in that building and accepting that some of the spaces might be chaotic or disorganised or possess features you dislike but this is the building, metaphorically speaking, self acceptance.

Consider the notion whereby being distracted by angst is replaced with being connected to growth and potential.