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Psychotherapy, Counselling & Well-being in Harley Street

Therapy Harley Street brings together professional excellence and authentic human care, delivered by highly experienced practitioners.

“We see therapy as the process of learning how to derive the maximum benefit from everyday living, especially in difficult circumstances. This does not mean to deny the reality of our struggles but instead to learn how to embrace life fully and deal with the obstacles in a responsible and creative way.” Bárbara Godoy, founder & director.

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At Therapy Harley Street we are strictly following the guidelines provided by Public Health regarding Coronavirus. You can come to the clinic or have your appointments online. Learn more about our online clinic >

Harley Street

  • A crisis can be the route to renewal
  • A separation can lead to a second chance
  • Addictions can reveal our most significant needs
  • Depression can be an opportunity for profound introspection
  • Sexual dysfunctions can lead to the discovery of new ways of connecting
  • Even panic in a moment of madness can become a life-enhancing experience

Our practitioners

Some of the issues we work with

Couple Counselling

Couple-therapyWhen communication fails and conflict prevails, professional help can make a difference

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Stress & Burnout

Burnout and Career ChangesYou ought to be productive, efficient and fast! But feel suffocated, exhausted and lonely

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Anxiety & Depression

Stress and AnxietiesDo you need to regain the courage to respond to the challenges that life places in your path?

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Women's Group

Women groupAn exploration of our assumptions about the meaning of being women through awareness…

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  • I find Barbara a great healer. Someone I can talk to about absolutely anything. She is a great therapist, a friend, a sister and a wise mother all at the same time. When I go to her it's one of the best moments of my life. I feel the difference since I started therapy; I understand myself and can cope better with life. Thank you Barbara."

    Farinaz K., Pharmacist, Iran. Counselling Harley Street.

  • John has been my inspiration to get back to my pre pre-gnancy fitness level-and more! He is a great trainer, very professional and baby friendly!

    Dr Anelia Hinova, Medical Doctor, UK. Personal Training Harley Street

  • Through Bárbara I have gained strategies to deal with the issues that used to weigh me down and the self-awareness to understand why those issues keep coming up” Psychotherapy Harley Street.

    Emma K., Screenwriter, UK. Counselling Harley Street

  • John is simply the best personal trainer, highly professional, friendly, loyal, smart, motivating. He has changed my ‘sporting’ life!”

    Amjad Rauf. Christies Art Business, UK. Personal Training Harley Street

Well-being therapies

Therapy Harley Street supports personal accomplishment by promoting health and fitness of mind and body.  


Nutrition Nutritionist London



Biomagnetic therapy


Psychotherapy, Counselling & Well-being in Harley Street


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