By Helen Bright-Gerrie, Pelvic floor therapist and Psychosexual Psychotherapist >

Pelvic Floor Fitness Programme is unique and different from any existing pelvic floor training programmes in the world. It is a combination of modern scientific knowledge based on research and resources from ancient practices. The programmes are based on the most effective exercises and techniques to recover and prevent pelvic floor-related issues. The programmes are essential for both men and women who would like to heal from pelvic floor-related or sexual function issues without any medical invasion. They are also great for those who would like to feel sexually empowered.

Imfitness is a pelvic floor programme designed for the female body. Erection Fitness is a pelvic floor programme designed for the male body. Both programmes have similar principles but are adjusted in accordance with the specifics of female and male bodies.

Pelvic floor muscles are essential in the most intimate moments of our life, like the urinary process, bowel movement, pregnancy childbirth and sex. Weakness or injury to these invisible but very important muscles in our body can lead to many life-changing disruptions. Issues, like urinary and fecal incontinences, prolapses of different kinds, haemorrhoids, erectile problems, painful sex, absence of orgasm, infertility and many more can affect not just our general health, quality of sex and relationships but also our social or professional areas of life.

Some of the issues that this programme can help with are:

  • Control your bowel movement
  • Erection
  • Post-traumatic childbirth experience

What is unique about these Pelvic Floor Programmes?
Education on how your body, especially the pelvis area functions. You will learn things that most doctors are unable to treat due to lack of specialist knowledge. It will help you to understand the causes of pelvic floor-related issues and prevent them. It will help you to make the right decision in cases when you may be under pressure to go through painful medical procedures, take medications or have surgery which can be avoided. You will regain control over your well-being and the quality of life.

Location and strengthening of the right muscle groups through a variety of specially designed exercises and techniques that will help you to heal from many pelvic floor-related issues and sexual function problems without medical invasion and maintain your healthy pelvic floor all your life regardless of your circumstances or age. Pelvic floor training is not just about ‘kegel’ exercises that can be ineffective and even dangerous sometimes. It’s about the right involvement of your whole-body muscles, starting with the correct body alignment and posture and finishing with the ability to control your intra-abdominal pressure with different muscle group layers and ligaments. Pelvic floor muscles are multilayered muscle groups responsible for different functions in your pelvis. Each group requires specific exercises to make your training effective and achieve the desired results.

The main goal of this training is to improve pelvic floor health, but it also helps to increase sexual energy drive and libido both for men and women. Clients, who have committed to the programme, notice that the quality of their sexual life significantly improved. Most of them gain sexual confidence regardless of their circumstances or age. The activation of sexual energy will have a strong positive impact on your health as well as different areas of your life.