What is Safe & Sound Protocol?

Developed by Dr Stephen Porges Safe & Sound Protocol is a non-invasive, easy to access listening therapy which assists clients to regulate their nervous system and return it to safety.

The SSP approach features specially filtered music that stimulates the vagus nerve. The vagus is a key part of our internal threat detection system and stimulating the vagus can be very effective entry to the down regulation of stress responses.

Who is the SSP for?

The Safe & Sound Protocol is evidence based and suitable for delivery to both children and adults. 

In my practice, I work with ages 13+

The SSP has demonstrated benefits for those with anxiety, trauma and sensory processing differences.

How is the SSP delivered?

  • SSP is not designed as a stand-alone process and is delivered alongside other therapeutic and nervous system regulation support.  
  • The specially filtered music is accessed through an easy to manage app-based platform which is available on Android and iOS. 
  • The client experiences the SSP through over ear headphones either in clinic or remotely (or a mix of both). 
  • Delivery time is a package usually administered between 6-8 weeks. But can be longer depending on the individual client requirements.

What are the results?

As the SSP used algorithmically filtered music focused on the frequency range of the human voice that alters the way that sounds are interpreted. This gently moves the nervous system out of a defensive (fight, flight or freeze) state and into a socially engaged (ventral) state.

Many clinicians have noted results after one session, and after completion of the full program (which can be titrated based on individual client need and receptivity), the ability for their clients to better regulate and connect as a result of physiologically retuning their nervous system toward safety.

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