TRE Trauma Release Exercises is the revolutionary, cutting edge technique that has changed the life of thousands of people worldwide. Originally developed by Dr David Berceli as a way to bring accessible relief to large groups of people in trauma zones, TRE is a simple, but powerful, tool to treat stress, trauma & PTS symptoms.

Trauma can be anything that overwhelms us. If overwhelm is sustained or too much to process at the time it leaves a trace in the body/mind system. Often the nervous system dials up to ‘red alert’ in order to cope and gets stuck in a hyper aroused state (fight, flight or freeze).

How does TRE help?
The premise of TRE is that self-induced body tremors are a naturally occurring neurophysiological process. Tremors are the body’s innate activation of the autonomic nervous system. We offer that the tremors down-regulate over excited stress responses – e.g. chronic tension and hyper arousal which can show up as feeling tense, anxious and jumpy.

In layman’s terms – this type of regulated tremor, naturally calms us, so that we can let go of old, chronic, tension patterns. This helps us deeply relax the body and still the mind – often in a way never before felt.

Who is TRE for?

TRE Trauma Release Exercises are suitable for all ages and body shapes

Physical issues and old injuries can be worked with
Minimum suggested number of sessions x 6
For those with a complex trauma story 6-12 sessions is advised

Often shaking is seen as an illness or pathology. When practicing TRE we offer that the tremor is the brain’s attempt to correct the pathology of a hyper-aroused nervous system.

What happens during a TRE course?
Clients explore their tremor in a safe regulated environment and learn how to turn the tremors on and off. Together we discover the mechanism in a way that is individual and comfortable. Clients are encouraged to begin regular self-practice as part of the process.

Although, relatively easy to learn, and for most, deeply pleasurable, it is important to approach the tremor mechanism with respect as it can be powerful enough to bring about functional, long-term changes.

When you learn to use TRE, you will:
Access the self-induced therapeutic tremor mechanism at a safely held, controlled pace
Learn to regulate tremors and enjoy connecting to the body in profound and moving ways
TRE causes neuro-physiological changes that can affect our neurology, physiology and psychology
TRE is a journey and, like meditation, is not a ‘one hit wonder’ but a gradual unwinding

During a TRE session we honour your story. However, we offer the freedom of leaving narrative at the door and focus on exploring the body’s natural, self-healing responses.

TRE can successfully complement regular talk therapy – particularly for trauma & dissociation issues

“Cues of safety are the treatment,” Dr Stephen Porges

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