Neil Kynaston works as a dowser from distance and calls his work “Distant Dowsing” this process is a House Energy Clearing process that has sustainable long term benefits. Neil has cleared homes around the world in 30 or more countries of Geo-Pathic, Electro-Magnetic and Geo-Psychic stress, broken lay-lines, curses, plus many other unseen issues. For many reasons, buildings and homes get sick, in a similar way to humans. It is often the case that the energetic health of a home can have a significant effect on the life-forms inhabiting it. He balances the earth energies so the homes vibration is at the highest calibration for all the people and animals that live there and puts in place protection so the home remains peaceful, protected and calm. He also protects the property from 5G towers and mast emissions which over time is going to become more and more important.

Luckily, I found Neil who has performed life changing work on this land and our home. It is a miracle.  Now It feels good to be here and all tensions have disappeared. My mental state and health are improving daily and I can ground myself now on this property. Thank God!! I am sighing with relief after thinking the past problems were all my fault and yet I could find little cause for them. Life is so much more than we think. Thank you, Angels and Neil, for helping me!” Sarah Lee Sylvester, Homeopath. Dingle, Ireland.

“I had slept badly for several months in my flat in London. Neil and I had been friends for several years and I spoke with him about my fears and not knowing what to do…! Neil did some work on my flat in London, as well as my house in Sicily, he also worked on my mother’s flat and her two country houses in Sicily. I am so grateful for the work Neil has done on all of my families houses and have felt the instant benefits as I am now sleeping very well and feel safe in the flat again as does my mother. Thank you, Neil.”  Franchesca Rubulotta, Doctor/Lecturer PHD Imperial College. London

Neil Kynaston is an Alchemist, Dowser, Executive Coach, Vibrational Flower Essence Therapist and Trained in Gestalt Therapy at Esalen Institute in California, USA. He combines all these processes in his Soul Evolution Therapy Sessions. Read more >

Fees from £225 – studio or one bed flat to £725 – Country House.