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Our supervision groups draw upon the ways in which existential-phenomenology and depth psychology supplement each other and deepen our practice of psychotherapy.

These six Master Workshops explore some of the basic questions about being a psychotherapist and the practice of psychotherapy. Before psychotherapy is a profession it is a vocation and one of the primary issues for a psychotherapist is to deepen on a continuous basis one’s understanding of what has called one into this life of being a wounded healer. Beyond the necessary skills one has to learn and master, a psychotherapist has to cultivate the difficult art of learning how to listen in such a way that opens a dialogue not only between patient and therapist, but also with the other in oneself.
In this regard, group supervision is a fundamental part of a therapist’s continuing education in the art of dialogue. A group setting is an opportunity to pause and step back to hear how colleagues practice this difficult art of listening with the third ear. In addition, a group setting fosters a sense of community for this art, whose roots tap into the sense of the sacred character of encounter and the ways in which silence plays a key role in dialogue.

Dates and Time: Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm (UK time)

22 May, 26 June, 11 Sept 23 Oct, 13 Nov & 11 Dec 2021
Fee: £756 the whole year (£140 per session)

Venue: Online

Prof. Robert Romanyshyn was the first non-analyst to be elected as an Affiliate Member of The Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts based upon his scholarly contributions to Jungian psychology. A Fellow of the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, he co-founded in 1972 an interdisciplinary program in existential-phenomenological psychology and literature at the University of Dallas. In 1991 he moved to Pacifica Graduate Institute to create a research approach for their innovative doctoral program in clinical psychology with its emphasis on Jungian and Archetypal Psychology. On his retirement in 2015, he was elected an Emeritus Professor in that program. He has published eight books including Victor Frankenstein, the Monster and the Shadows of Technology: The Frankenstein Prophecies, Leaning Toward the Poet: Eavesdropping on the Poetry of Everyday Life, The Wounded Researcher: Research with Soul in Mind, Ways of the Heart, The Soul in Grief: Love, Death, and Transformation, and Technology as Symptom & Dream. He has also published poems, numerous articles in psychology, philosophy, education and literary journals and wrote a one act play about Frankenstein.

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