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Experiential Group and Process Work
 A playground for therapists to nurture the imagination, release inhibitions and mobilise therapeutic insights

“Supportive, thought-provoking, emancipating, grounding”

H. StJohns, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

“An eye-opening experience which made me reflect more on myself and learn self care” Dr W Eltantawy, Gynaecologist and Psychosexual Psychotherapist

“A restorative reflection and authentic human connection to both ourselves and other members of the group” A Harrison, Integrative PsychotherapistDates and Time

Thursdays 12pm – 1pm (UK time) in Zoom – from 6 May to 22 July 2021

12 weeks £200, drop-ins £20


Meditation, breathing, relaxation, bio-energetics, authentic movement, emotional release, feedback and sharing


Feel more grounded and centred – Stay calm in challenging situations – Create healthier relationships – Reconnect to your body – Regulate emotions – Be kind to yourself and others

Term Programme:
Week 1: Mindfulness of the Ordinary
Week 2: The Adventure of Breathing
Week 3: Befriending the Repressed, Denied and Forgotten
Week 4: Reverie and Creative Visualisation
Week 5: Bio-energetics
Week 6: Family Constellation
Week 7: Authentic Movement
Week 8: Shadow Work
Week 9: Primal Feelings
Week 10: The Art of Friendship
Week 11: Born Again
Week 12: The Joy of Living

Barbara GodoyBárbara Godoy M.A., Adv. Dip. Exi. Psy. Existential Psychotherapist Group Leader, Counsellour, Lecturer and Supervisor, MBACP & UKCP accredited, SEA Professional Member, Director of Therapy Harley Street
Bárbara’s academic contributions in London since 2008 includes lecturing and researching on the theory and practice of Phenomenological Existential Therapy on Doctorate, MA and professional courses at the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology, Regent’s University and the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling directed by Emmy van Deurzen.
Bárbara has facilitated and designed therapeutic Group Work since 1997. She brought her earliest workshop: “Experiences” to large groups in The Netherlands, Italy, France, UK and Argentina. These awareness-intensive processes are a legacy of the human potential movement (HPM) of 1960’s, with techniques such as AUM Meditation Marathons, Psychodrama, Bioenergetics and Primal Feelings work.

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