Loneliness is a feeling that is not unique to a specific type of person, it is a universal feeling that everyone, at some point, has or will feel and everyone is deserving of support for it. There are short-term bouts of loneliness which just about everyone will feel at some point in their life, these are considered to be brief and are not considered to be chronic. Some people may face these feelings of loneliness and isolation for a longer period of time, and they may appear to be worsening- this is called chronic loneliness.

Chronic loneliness occurs when you feel this sense of loneliness and uncomfortable social isolation for an extended period of time. A constant and unrelenting feeling of being alone, separated or divided from others, and an inability to connect on a deeper level are commonly felt by those who suffer from chronic loneliness. One does not have to be physically isolated in order to suffer from this loneliness, you may commonly be surrounded by people and be somewhat more socially inclined, yet still feel disconnected to what goes on around you.

Signs of loneliness/ chronic loneliness:

  • An inability to connect with people on a deeper level. Your interactions do not appear to feel fulfilling and this disconnection seems unending.
  • No close friends. Though you may have friends or ‘acquaintances’ you do not feel a strong bond between any of them and feel as though none of them get you.
  • After social interactions you are left exhausted and drained.
  • No matter where you are, or how many people surround you, you still feel disconnected, isolated and disengaged.
  • Feelings of self-doubt and a low self-worth can be a sign of chronic loneliness.

After the turbulent year of 2020, where many people were suddenly cut off from physical social interaction, it is no surprise that people have entered this year still feeling the aftermath of dealing with the mental repercussions that follow the ending of a time period of mass lockdown. Reconnecting with people and ridding ourselves of this feeling can be difficult, but is not impossible. Though you may feel alone, you don’t have to tackle this by yourself, we can help you. Check our team of experts to see who may best help you overcome this.