by Mariana Psyrdellis

Every day we all use different cognitive functions, such as attention, memory, visuo-spatiality, executive functions, perception.
There are many situations that can alter these capabilities: pathological aging, an unhealthy lifestyle, the consumption of drugs, a cerebrovascular accident or the incidence of pathologies such as dementia. Therefore, it is necessary to checking the state of these capacities and sometimes it required to design interventions for promoting a good quality of life.

The neuropsychological evaluation allows to:
• Diagnose a deficit in this cognitive function
• Discard dementias and consequences of blood injuries
• Perform evaluation tests designed for these purposes
• Have a record of these functions today and compare them with changes in the future
• Design interventions to promote the conserver’s skills and suggest new life habits
• Plan a treatment or rehabilitation strategy for the altered functions
• In patients with a deficit, it can improve the quality of life and provide information to their families about handle the situation
A timely evaluation can be the key to avoiding worse deterioration, preventing a severe pathology or delaying its onset.