Project Description

Ilia Galouzidi, Existential and Integrative Psychotherapist, NCPS registered.

Ilia is a Neuroscientist, Existential and Integrative Psychotherapist working with a range of human challenges such as anxiety, psychological trauma and relationship issues. Ilia specialises in issues around body image concerns, problematic relationship with food and the body, and body dissatisfaction. Her mission is to create a safe therapeutic space for her clients to explore how they relate to themselves, to life challenges and experiences from the past.

As a Neuroscientist she has an extensive work experience in competitive international environments. She has conducted pioneering research projects in UCL on epilepsy, metallisation in body awareness, awareness of illness and interception. Along with her studies she became a trained neuropsychological and cognitive assessment provider.

As an Existential Psychotherapist she has a significant work experience within NHS, working with Stroke survivors and, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) patients on emotional resiliency and body dissatisfaction. She has also worked with eating disorder patients within NELFT and her private practice, providing an integrative approach to Eating Disorders. Her Integrative approach involves techniques from CBT, mindfulness, breath work and somatic practices within an Existential therapy framework.

Ilia’s doctoral thesis focuses on how women that have had multiple cosmetic surgeries perceive and experience them selves and their physical bodies. Her scientific interests also translate into her clinical work with women who wish to explore their desire to modify their physical appearance for aesthetic reasons.

Together, within a safe and confidential therapeutic space, we will make sense of past experiences, explore your personal beliefs, values and hopes and assist you in coming to terms with a past that is carried into the present. Diving deep into our internal world and observing how past and current experiences shape who we are at the moment, can facilitate self-compassion and self-growth. We’ll examine how you got to where you are right now in order to increase awareness of the idea that you’re constantly evolving and changing while remaining in relation to everything else. We will collaborate to find new ways to relate to the world, to make you aware of the possibilities of change, choice, and taking responsibility, and to provide you with strategies that will enable you to recognise and confront the challenges you have faced. My personal aim is to facilitate the creation of a future that is filled with personal meaning and more clarity when it comes to how you feel and who you are.

Accreditations and memberships:

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+44 (0) 207 289 5656


Find new ways to relate to the world, to make you aware of the possibilities of change, choice, and taking responsibility

What I can help with
Eating Disorders
Body image concerns
Body dissatisfaction
Cultural issues
Identity issues
Life Coaching
Personal development
Post-traumatic stress
Women’s issues
Work-related issues