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Lila Ramsahai, Integrative Counsellor with a Masters in Intercultural Communication and Relationships, BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) registered member.

“We can all feel anxious, depressed or worried, especially in these unprecedented times due to Covid-19 during which there are many uncertainties. Issues with relationships, intimacy, work, career and parenting can become even more stressful. Remember you are not alone and reaching out for help is good and courageous. When going through a divorce, relationship break-up, post-divorce, bereavement, career or financial loss, therapy or coaching can be very beneficial. Don’t deal with these alone!” Lila

Lila, as a therapist, can help you understand, cope and find relief from your situation. She is also an holistic-accredited life coach who can help you set and achieve your goals or dreams.

Psychotherapy/ counselling is particularly helpful if you are dealing with the following issues or feelings: anger, rage, addictions, depression, anxiety, childhood emotional neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, unresolved issues from the past or present, rape, domestic violence, relationship issues, commitment issues, breakups, divorce, post-divorce, bereavement, loss, controlling behaviour or being controlled, issues with authority figures, issues at work, betrayal of trust, abandonment issues, Oedipal issues, loneliness, trauma, and more. Don’t deal with these alone – but reach out and free yourself from mental pain and emotional unrest.

COUPLES/MARRIAGE THERAPY (includes intercultural/ bi-racial or mixed-race marriage/relationship therapy)
When in a relationship or marriage, regardless of your cultural background or ethnicity, difficulties in communicating effectively with each other can often be a major issue, especially after the ‘honeymoon period’ (a blissful period with your partner). Not communicating effectively usually affects other areas in life such as intimacy, sex life, romance, passion, finances, parenting, household management, relationships with families and friends and more. Often though, couples wait pretty long before seeking help, but still, it’s never too late to look at your relationship or marriage with fresh pairs of eyes and trying to get to the root cause of the issue(s). Don’t suffer in your marriage/relationship but reach out and find solutions!


People from all cultures experience anxiety, depression or worries, but how these are perceived can vary from culture to culture and the type of help needed can differ. Regardless, reaching out for help is innate in all of us and good.

Cross-cultural psychotherapy is particularly sensitive to the importance of race, ethnicity and religion and especially beneficial for culturally and linguistically-diverse people. Cross-cultural psychotherapy further helps to understand cultural identity and identity crisis from many angles that can benefit multicultural individuals. Identity issues can often originate through immigration or when brought up in a mixed-race household or through intercultural relationships.


Clients will typically discuss the same issues in both types of therapies (mainstream and intercultural). However, culturally-diverse clients will also discuss some additional issues concerning their race, cultural heritage, identity or language usage in intercultural psychotherapy.

Intercultural psychotherapy also recognises the differences and similarities of various aspects of culture between the client and therapist. Often, clients seek to connect with their therapist on a cultural level to enable a deeper level of communication and understanding. It can allow a more effective therapeutic experience.


International or culturally-diverse clients can often discuss the following issues in sessions – cultural identity, identity crisis, the effects of multicultural and multilingual upbringing, coping with bi-racial identity, loss of mother tongue and mother tongue biases, belonging, language usage, racism, race and ethnicity, mixed-race upbringing, hybrid identity, isolation, acculturation, cultural values, cross-cultural parenting and more.


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Understanding and coping with how you are feeling, thinking, and experiencing

Individual and couple counselling
Life coaching
Body, Mind and Soul coaching
Some issues:
Relationship break-down
Domestic violence
Emotional abuse
Depression and Anxiety
Stress Management
Cross-cultural career changes
and more…