Project Description

Neil Kynaston is an Alchemist, Dowser, Executive Coach, Vibrational Flower Essence Therapist and Trained in Gestalt Therapy at Esalen Institute in California, USA. He combines all these processes in his Soul Evolution Therapy Sessions.

“The truth gets spoken when another is fully present to hear us”

I work as an Alchemist, supporting you to turn what’s not serving you to produce gold in the form of emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual wholeness. Courage comes from within to seek a better version of ourselves. Often it requires someone to listen to us with an open heart for the truth to flow.

Finding the right support is essential in making an informed professional choice. Finding someone who truly meets, hears and sees you, as well as someone who excites and inspires you to realise the possibilities of your life.

Of course, you want to know who it is that is going to guide and assist you on your return to whole-ness, the person who is going to champion, challenge and inspire you on this life-changing journey.

I grew up in an extremely troubled family riddled with mental and physical illness. Surviving these illnesses within my family unit was a powerful, demanding process, that was at times extremely isolating.  My desire to survive and thrive, together with my willingness to choose, one step at a time, to participate in life, particularly through sport and my spiritual path, have been paramount in literally saving my life! If you are dealing with something similar then I want you to know that you are not alone.

Asking for support was never easy for me but it has been an essential aspect of developing humility and surrendering to something beyond myself. Whatever I do now I give my very best possible, whatever form that takes.

Earth Legacy

After two years living mostly in monastic communities, I want to share my intention around the new expression of my work. I wish to inspire and provoke action within our society and create change and stability in our global family. We must keep an eye on the impact that our daily actions will have on the collective heart-mind-body consciousness, our whole-self.

With much gratitude on this great path, we call Life.

NBK Soul Evolution Therapy

Stages of Working With Me

1- Pre – Soul Evolution Therapy Evaluation 

50-Minutes. Before commencing a 2-hour or 4-hour Soul Searching “Soul Evolution” Journey with me, I ask all clients to first book a 50-minute Pre-Soul Evolution Evaluation Session. We will discuss the process we will go through. What you as the client needs and wants are and whether I’m the right fit to work with you and fully support you. (Everyone who works with me goes through this process first). £150.00

2- Soul Evolution Therapy Session 

In 2-hours working with me, we will navigate through the process of creating your Soul Evolution bespoke Elixir and Spray. £300.00.

Ongoing Support or Follow up Sessions

50-minutes sessions. For some people this is essential and to others, it’s not so important. I work weekly, by weekly and monthly with clients. It depends on the needs of the client and what works. £150.00.

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10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF
+44 (0) 207 289 5656


Walking your own path takes courage”

My intention is to empower you to find your own inner compass

To support you to be the best version of yourself

To invoke the fire within you

Patiently step by step

NBK Soul Evolution Therapy >

Soul Evolution & Ongoing Therapy

“I can’t begin to say how much your wise words and thoughts have guided me. Quite suddenly my life fell apart and became a living hell; the rug was pulled from under me and I went into free fall. Neil helped me through this very dark phase, without his presence in my life I’m not sure how I would have navigated the tricky times; he gave me perspective, clarity and wisdom and helped me stay centred throughout the chaos.” Fiona Mcleod, UK & Sri-Lanka

Soul Evolution

“I’m not sure if Neil actually realises this, but I think he may be a magician. Not in the hocus pocus sense of the word, but as in, a true walker between the worlds with an ability to effortlessly and easily shift energies, blocks and entanglements beyond the time, space, continuum. Neil is also a genuinely kind and generous person, who really listens and hears without judgement and responds from a place of pure heart. Thank you, Neil.” Natasha Wardle, Operations Director, Chalice Well Trust. Glastonbury, UK

Distant Dowsing & Soul Evolution

“I am writing these grateful words to Neil as I truly appreciate his work and how it helped me and my house. I experienced the dowsing in person and at a distance, with my new home. I must say that many feelings got cleared out, blaming, sadness, angriness…, I felt released and much more centred within myself. My new house has a peaceful energy, and a sense of order. Thank you so much for your work and help Neil.” Irene Sofia Gonzalez, Doctor, GP. Wales, UK. From Spain

Soul Evolution & Ongoing Support

“Neil helped me implement strategic change in my business and set up a co – coaching program amongst my staff. He also supported me to manage my mind better while feeling under a great deal of pressure with work and having a busy family life in London, he helped me a lot with managing my frustration and being taken on a roller coaster by my emotions.” Charlie Marshal, Founder, Loaf. London, UK