life coaching leadershipFear of Failure

By Roger Fife, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

It is not uncommon to feel anxious or afraid. Various situations in life can feel difficult or daunting. Often, these are passing anxieties or fears. But, sometimes a fear or anxiety becomes more persistent, and harder to dislodge or ignore.

An example of such a fear is the fear of failure, which often ties in with a sense of not feeling good enough, and a loss of self-confidence. The persistence of this fear of failure can make a person start to feel that doing practically anything is impossible. 

I work with people who struggle with this fear of failure, and what I see is that sometimes, this fear of failure has an underlying cause that is held at a more unconscious level. This requires understanding and careful investigation. 

We are all a product of our childhood and our experiences in life. With this in mind, I try to help people understand themselves better to tease out underlying anxieties, with the hope that unconscious tensions, conflicts, or traumas can be better understood and a better sense of self can emerge.

If you find that you have any of the following fears or anxieties, therapy might be a good choice for you:

  • Fear of failure
  • Anxiety about life
  • Low self-esteem
  • Difficult moments in childhood
  • Talking through fears and anxieties
  • Understanding what patterns you may be unconsciously holding onto