Narcissistic Abuse Recovery 

By Kate Munden, TRE therapist >

Narcissistic emotional abuse takes a devastating toll on both the body and psyche of sufferers. 

The cycle of abuse wreaks havoc on the nervous system, often leaving clients exhausted and living within a fog of confusion and deep emotional anguish.

Narcissistic Abuse recovery is a sensitive and attuned, collaborative interaction between client and practitioner. Safety is key. It is a journey of gentle recovery for both body and mind. 

We work together to be mindful of restoring and rebuilding in the present, and take effective steps not to stay in the past. 

Key components of the journey are trauma education – understanding the cycle of abuse, trauma bonding and intermittent reinforcement and how it affects victims. Understanding and uncoupling from emotional manipulation tactics, processing the story and emotions attached to the abuse alongside learning nervous system regulation, setting effective boundaries and learning effective strategies and self-care techniques for the future.

Recovery is a process and the duration is different for everyone. It is important to be held and supported safely along the way.