“Psychosensory therapy definition: a form of therapeutic treatment that uses sensory stimuli/experience to affect change or to understand psychological symptoms”. Psychosensory psychotherapists use the experience of the body alongside the experience of the mind to understand symptoms and issues and can also use physiological experiences to work with psychological issues.
Some of the common techniques used in psycho-sensory therapy include havening techniques, emotional freedom techniques, Callahan technique–thought field therapy (Callahan, 1985), and eye–movement desensitization and reprocessing, See-far CBT.
All of these somatic approaches value above all the importance of a feeling of safety for the client. The client feeling ‘in control’ safe and confident is of utmost importance so if you are at all unsure a psychosensory therapist will explain in detail how the intervention will work so that you feel entirely secure and happy before any technique.