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Emily Andrews, Clinical & Somatic Hypnotherapist, Trauma Therapist, Energy Psychologist & Spiritual Transformation Coach (CNHC) (CMA) (GHSC).

Emily is an Integrative therapist with primary training in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Counselling supplemented with study, training and work experience in several therapeutic frameworks. These include but are not limited to:

  • Trauma-Informed Mind-Body Therapy
  • Poly-Vagal Informed Therapy
  • Attachment Therapy
  • Internal Family Systems/Parts Work Therapy
  • Soul Plan work
  • Somatic Experiencing

Emily’s current and most recent training is with The Institute of Psychosynthesis, where she is completing her MA with Middlesex University and Psychotherapy training.

Unlike traditional therapy which focuses primarily on the mind, Emily’s method of working invites you to explore what is happening deeper into your subconscious and throughout your body systems.

Emily has worked with adults and children in the private and voluntary sectors for over ten years, including working within disadvantaged communities overseas. She is especially interested in complex trauma and supporting people with longstanding emotional and relationship difficulties (developmental and relational trauma).

Emily Specialises in supporting her clients who suffer with:

  • Self-sabotaging Behaviours
  • Shock Trauma
  • Relationship Trauma
  • Developmental Trauma
  • Autoimmune Disease & Chronic Pain
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Brain fog & Fatigue

Getting started with Emily is simple. Please ask to book an Initial Assessment Session, where you will explore your current issues and background history, and set the focus for therapy. For all new clients, it is a requirement for you to complete the initial assessment session first.

Depending on your needs, a short-term contract of around five to six sessions or an open-ended arrangement can be tailored to meet your needs. During your initial meeting, we will discuss the best approach for you, and how to proceed with therapy. We will also provide information on how to end the therapy when you feel ready.

Information on Somatic Hypnotherapy

Somatic hypnotherapy is a therapeutic approach that combines elements of somatic (body-centred) therapy with hypnotherapy techniques to promote healing and personal growth.


10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF
+44 (0) 207 289 5656


With a deep-rooted belief in the mind-body connection, Emily integrates traditional counselling with somatic approaches to offer a comprehensive healing experience.

Emily offers Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Counselling and Integrative Somatic Therapy to support Anxiety, Low Self-esteem, Relationship Challenges, Healing Trauma, Addiction and Substance Misuse.

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