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Iain Howland – Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist (GHR) (CRSST) and Integrative Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Iain uses Hypno-CBT with adults and children of all ages to bring about effective, lasting, transformative change. Hypno-CBT is a unique “hypnotic-psychotherapy” which integrates hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness (dehypnosis). While CBT is empirically proven to be the most effective therapy available today, Substantial research now shows that adding hypnosis can enhance CBT – improving outcomes for 70% compared to CBT alone.

“Iain’s calming approach, patience, empathy and expertise helped to overcome my anxiety as well as providing techniques including meditation that will help with any future challenges. He genuinely cares and the difference he has made has been fantastic. I highly recommend.”

In your therapy you and Iain focus on the present and the future. You focus on the beliefs, feelings and thoughts that are causing you stress or anxiety now. These can be difficult to identify by yourself because the endless repetition of them becomes automatic. When confronted by a certain event or situation, we think A, we feel B and we do C. Every single time.

Iain helps you to identify these negative, unhelpful responses, get rid of them and in their place put positive, helpful responses, that open the way for real and lasting change for the better. You work together to improve your life quickly and ensure you have the tools, the skills, and the resilience to make that lasting change.

“Iain is an incredibly friendly and warm person and I have not only thoroughly enjoyed our sessions but also overcome my issues. Iain has also helped manage my stress through various hypnotherapy sessions and exercises and I have come away with some amazing tools to use in my everyday life. I cannot recommend him enough if you’re in need of any kind of therapy or hypnotherapy!”

Accreditations and Memberships:


10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF
+44 (0) 207 289 5656


Working together to improve your life quickly and ensure you have the tools, the skills, and the resilience to make that lasting change.

Iain specialises in treating anxiety related issues, but works with clients on a wide range of issues, including:

Smoking Cessation (Iain is an Accredited Practitioner with the CRSST, Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists)
Confidence and self-esteem
Eating Problems
Exam Stress/anxiety
Panic Attacks
Public Speaking
Sports Performance

“Seeking hypnotherapy was the best thing I could have done; I can genuinely say it’s changed my life for the better. Iain is kind, understanding, professional and non-judgemental and that shines through his work along with his passion for helping people.”