Project Description

Lathizile Dube, founder of The Identity Dichotomy, a ground-breaking organisation specialising in identity in all its forms and manifestations with particular emphasis on transition.

Lathizile Dube, the visionary founder behind The Identity Dichotomy, stands at the forefront of a revolutionary movement centred around the exploration of identity in its myriad forms and expressions, with a profound focus on transitions. Her recent venture, The Transition Matrix, represents the pinnacle of her expertise, offering unparalleled consultancy services to navigate the complexities of change management.

In a world where transitions amplify both internal turmoil and external challenges, Lathizile recognises that the heart of any thriving entity lies in its people. Her unwavering belief in unlocking the full potential of individuals underscores every facet of her work. With over a decade of dedicated refinement, the methodologies employed by Lathizile have redefined the landscape of human optimisation and transformational change.

Lathizile possesses a rare gift—a talent for unravelling the intricacies of identity through poignant narratives and metaphors that resonate deeply. Her storytelling prowess doesn’t merely scratch the surface; it delves into the depths of human experience, leaving audiences enlightened and empowered in its wake.

The genesis of Lathizile’s profound commitment to identity can be traced back to a deeply personal tragedy—the loss of her younger brother to suicide. Fueled by this poignant experience, she champions the belief that true empowerment stems from a profound understanding of one’s inherent worth and potential.

With an indomitable spirit and a mission to touch hearts and minds alike, Lathizile Dube transcends the role of a mere business coach or identity specialist. She emerges as a beacon of inspiration—a transformative force in both the corporate realm and the broader landscape of public discourse.

Her mission transcends mere consultancy—it’s a transformative journey that leaves hearts touched and minds inspired.

Coaching Approach for Adults

What problems/ pains does my offering solve?

I specifically work with individuals and organisations who are in transition. The vehicle I use to facilitate clients’ transition is identity. Specifically, crafting experiences, sessions, and training allows people to fully interact with themselves and find the resources they have in their design and identity. Then, with full knowledge and understanding of design and identity, we look at the multiple layers of accessibility that open up on a personal level and successive layers of interactions with other people and the world. Once individuals have reached a stable level of self-actualisation, we co-create a management system specific to them and their needs to stabilise them in their day-to-day lives regardless of their challenges.

My coaching services are very powerful in transformation when the circumstances and situations that require coaching are at the bottom of a cycle’s compression. At this point, all the individuals are more ready to accept the reality of their current situation to map out and implement a tangible and practical way forward within the coaching program. The engagement is broken down into four broad phases.

Phase 1
Triage—I am able to see the stages of what is going on in people’s lives and encourage them to move forward once they have comfortably expressed and accepted their reality. There is so much power in being able to stop and express the reality of the current situation in all its complexity in a safe, contained space that will listen deeply and reflect back.

Phase 2
Self-Exploration—Once agreement has been obtained for the journey ahead, much exploratory work remains. This includes methodology, software, and other tools that allow people to fully understand themselves in specific contexts and settings.

Phase 3
Self-Expression—With this knowledge, they are equipped to better understand and communicate clearly to others about who they are and how they show up. This means that real connection and collaboration are easier and progress forward with the right people and the right dynamic is possible.

Phase 4
Implementation—With the preceding foundation in place, individuals are fully equipped to review the original goal, plan, refine, and expand the scope now that there are little to no internal limitations to content.

All the way through the phases of the transition process, I pay careful attention to the client’s ecology and mirror and communicate any observed changes that I see in them. What I also find invaluable between sessions is giving the client various tasks that can allow them to ratify the true impact of processes and interventions that we have undergone in the coaching sessions so they can see their own process in real time to understand the progress that they have made and are continuously making.

Coaching Approach for Children

I have worked with children for the past 16 years to empower and equip them with what is needed to go on and lead a successful life in education and beyond. One of the main issues I have seen time and time again is one of access. I have seen multiple children with diagnoses and labelled that leave them completely disempowered in who they are endnote giving specific tools to allow them to access their courses so they can thrive. I work with each child to create a bespoke understanding of who they are and how they work. Once this is established with create a management system in place to make sure they are stabilised enough to engage with their studies and move forward with their lives.

Education is the key to unlocking your future, and I’m here to help you do just that. With over 16 years of dedicated experience in the field of education and a passion for empowering students, I’ve honed specific methodologies and techniques that consistently yield outstanding results.

The Current Challenge in Education: Access and Exam Performance

In today’s educational landscape, students often face a dual challenge. The first hurdle is access to the subject matter, ensuring that they can grasp and understand the material effectively from the start. The second challenge is showcasing their hard work and knowledge correctly during examinations.

I recognise these challenges and have developed a solution. Through my specific revision techniques and laser-focused exam strategies, I’ve consistently guided students to top grades in their public examinations. My methods empower students to not only master the material but also excel when it matters most.

I specialise in working with children with SEN on the gifted end of the spectrum who have trouble with self-management

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True empowerment stems from a profound understanding of one’s inherent worth and potential

She can help you with:

Individual sessions:
Self discovery
Life Changes
Life adjustment issues
Life Transitions

Business/Executive Coaching:
Team Transition
Leadership empowerment
Developmental sessions

Child/Teen sessions:
Academic Stress
Academic Performance
Life Choices
Special Learning Disabilities

She has experience working with adults, teenagers and children